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  1. Pretty new to the MSFN Forum so might mess up some things, but yes as long as piracy isn't a part of the TOS I will reveal the Instructions for the installation on 7.
  2. In general, using KernelXE, Visual C++ 2017, .NET Framework 4.0, and some other added in Patches and Updates could get Sony Vegas Pro 10 running on 2K as long as you have NNN4NT5 set to XP SP3. Sony Vegas Pro 11 might be a possibility, setting NNN4NT5 to Vista SP2 makes it launch but it ends up crashing after getting halfway into the loading process. Any clues as to why this could be?
  3. Exactly and it's pretty insane because Bill Gates once said and I quote "Nobody will ever need more than 640KB of memory for a Personal Computer"
  4. I Wouldn't mind using Windows 98 for the web since a couple of members from MSFN made Firefox 35.0.1 Portable work. It can load pretty much everything you would need YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, ect. But i dont think there's allot of supported hardware for windows 98 to use version 35 without it lagging or freezing. So it's mostly gonna be used on a VM, actually installed it on a 98 VM and used it, and i could install up to Firefox 48 on Windows 98 but it got really complicated and didn't really know how to install it but there is proof that it works. pqcdx49w83961.webp
  5. Well since it's 2021 allot of the people in the Windows 2k community made patches for the OS such as .Net Framework 4, Unofficial SP5, Visual C++ 2017, Windows Media Player 11. Modern browsers based on Chromium 54, Firefox 52.9 esr and up do their thing. Games like Portal 2, And the latest version of Minecraft (as of January 2021) work. KernelEX for 2000 was officially released almost a decade ago. And if i could i'd use it as a daily driver i wouldn't mind, however if i had to say what Windows 2000 was lacking compared to XP it would definitely be hardware support. Not allot of modern gpu's cpu's or motherboards support 2000 now a days and it kind of sucks because it definitely has potential.

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