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  1. @Koishi Komeiji @win32 I am not the owner of the image and I dont have XP. I just wanted to learn how to handle this error , because these errors can appear at any time
  2. I have unofficial SP5 and extended kernel , This means NetFX35W2KRC3a will not work ?
  3. Yes , Try the download link at blacwingcat, it does not work
  4. I am looking for a few days for a link to Net Framework 3.5SP1 for windows 2000, but i only found a link on BlackWingCat, but it doesn't work. Any Help ?
  5. In this example could you explain it to me please how to change the name to equal ?
  6. Can you explain more please? I didn't understand what you mean by " the name must be of equal or lesser length" , does this mean that something should be changed in kerne32.dll ? the name must be of equal or lesser length of what?

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