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  1. Do MSFNers use Windows 10 with updates enabled?

    1. jack980517


      I do, because I'm scared of missing out on security updates. But it's really irritating. It's only been 5 months since I last re-installed Windows 10, and update failure has already happened 3 times!

      I use a batch script combined with a scheduled task to change the "active hours" every 17 hours when Windows is running, so that it's always active hours, to prevent Windows from auto-restarting due to the update.


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  2. I am offended that I was born at the wrong moment and at the wrong time. I want to see the internet from 2005-2009, I don't want to see the current situation with the unnecessary staff and dull interface. I want to see the complete openness of people on the Internet and their kindness to me. I want to see how Windows was made lovingly and stable, not 10, which is filled with surveillance and unnecessary services. I want to see the past of the internet and what it was like.

    1. jack980517


      I'm born in 1998 and I still feel I'm not born early enough.

      Windows 2000 and XP are amazing. Vista was when M$ started to break a consistent interface down to pieces. Not to mention the update fiasco in Windows 10.

      I don't like the current "flat" design trend. Especially Google's design language, which in addition to being flat, wastes screen space.

      Pre-iPhone phones have more "personality" than current iOS and Android devices. For current phones, the only deciding factors are CPU, RAM, and perhaps camera. The appearance basically only differs in color, because most of the appearance is the screen. Pre-iPhone phones have more varied appearance, and more varied functionality.

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