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  1. Yeah looks reasonable, essentially it is a low power P4, so I expect SSE equivalent to that, at least SSE2 (maybe SSE3?) There seems to be a lot of love for webkit browsers like QTweb, even though it hasn't been updated since 2013.
  2. The new system is a celeron @2.5GHz, with 1 GB ram, will be more when I can find some old ram. So technically will run Win7 but ... Its been years since I have installed XP. I'd forgotten all the post XP configuration on the OS that was needed. Last time I had help. I'm not even sure where to start. The acronyms are killing me, who would have known the WorldMosquitoProject should be stopped?, which of course means to turn off WindowsMediaPlayer. The software search is not much better, I read good undated reviews only to find the last version of the software is dated 2010. I am not
  3. @Gansangriff, I survived many years with just AV and windows firewall on my old system. But I eventually crossed paths with something nasty and the system didn't completely recover. Hence my thinking I should setup security a bit better this time. @all: I guess it will be one of roytam's browsers but I don't know which one. These are all firefox deriviatives, do they have the same issues as firefox 52.9 has with script? If so I might need something to reduce script, is 'noscipt' a good choice? I'm having trouble with all the acronyms What is BOC? and UXP? Don't know what li
  4. Hey @roytam1, How good is the sandboxing in these? Do you think I would benefit from running them in sandboxie?
  5. Thanks, there are some things there I have never heard of and will have to investigate. Of course I've heard of roytam's browsers but I've never used them. It is a monster thread and I haven't had time to go through it.
  6. I'm planning a clean install of 32 bit XP, and was wondering now that XP is out of updates what is the best way to go for internet security that still supports XP. The hardware is from the XP era, and wouldn't run win7 well AntiVirus: apparently comodo now has min win7 requirements; avast is still providing virus updates for XP Firewall: is windows firewall OK or is there something better that I should look at. Sandbox: Is it worth adding an extra sandbox like sandboxie? Browser: chrome and firefox are out. I have issues with both opening and displaying pages, though in di
  7. OK. I only know what my tools tell me. was just a thought. Thanks matt
  8. If I unpack an ISO into a partition, there is a [BOOT] directory and inside that a boot.img file. So, if I chainload that file and then boot, will things start running the same as if the CD had been booted? Can I use the grub4dos environment provided by the USB to do this? Or does grub4dos need to start from the same disk that holds the install files? Can I start the grub4dos environment from DOS after DOS has booted? When does windows drive lettering become significant? Surely the install is written allowing the CD drive letter to change, for example it would move one letter if wind
  9. Agreed. Part of the problem for me is that I have never seen the process complete successfully, so I don't recognize when things are odd. I did notice that when I chainloaded setupldr.bin grub reported that it would use NTLDR? WinSetupfromUSB does a lot of poking around in various files when it makes the USB so I don't know when things are being directed by it, or some other program. Another problem is that I don't know when things become 'case' sensitive. I have seen with some driver packs that setupORG.exe needs to be copied but windows install wants to execute setuporg.exe. Some
  10. No didn't fix the problem. I had to walk away from the computer, so I didn't see where it occurred, but it was the same message. Any ideas what to do now?
  11. Thanks. That started again from the beginning, I thought I may have been able to continue from where I left off. Had I finished with the mem disk at the point I ended? I'm concerned the computer may not see the USB at the same place when I get there again. Still its started the install again, and we will see when it gets there. matt
  12. @jaclaz, Thank you, You were absolutely correct. The USB was seen as a floppy. After adding map (hd1) to (fd0), I was able to start the setup. However at "starting windows" I get a stop: 7B. After searching, the recommended solution is a modified ntdetect.com, which I got from here. I have put it in the root of the USB (or should I put it somewhere else?) but I'm not sure how to restart the install. matt
  13. @jaclaz, our edits crossed. Without plop the system will only boot the USB from the boot menu (F12) but geometry doesn't see it. middle of the night here, I'll find my disk editor and move it in the morning. matt
  14. Yeah, geometry shows USB as 973/255/63. Without plop in the MBR the system doesn't treat the USB as a disk. I typed in the commands and it freezes after the first "map --hook" It gives a prompt but takes no more input. matt Edit: plop sees the USB using EHCI but can not work it out and boot it.
  15. Hello @jaclaz, Your script reports only partition 0 is used and it is bootable, type 0c . It was formatted using FBinst. chs: 1/1/1 to 972/240/36 lba 16128 to 15614208 Thank you for looking at this matt menu.lst winsetup.lst shifthd.bat
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