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  1. Awesome thanks for clarifying the settings from HDAConfig.ini, that makes more sense now. I will try the outputs you recommend. Correct it can all seemingly be routed directly from the DAC to Mono Out ($07). I have had no success with that so far as it seems that one of the outputs may be hardwired to the speakers, being its running in a laptop with no actual line-out port. Just a headphone jack and a mic-in jack for ports which i'm testing too. As it passes through selector widget ($0B) there is an option listed in the notes of the datasheet to redirect the stream to the analog m
  2. This is why you are now the HDA sensei! Ah sorry I meant to control the volume using Waveout.exe - Which widget to set in hdaconfig.ini. Still to test but it should be either $11 (The amplifier between DAC and Analog mixer), or the analog mixer itself $0E according to the 1981HD datasheet. The physical volume buttons on the laptop DID work with Judas but only the mute button works in 9x. I'll have to have a look at the laptop datasheet to see how the volume button is wired to the speakers to see what controls it. Just for clarity in HDAConfig.ini - Sleeping Widget = The DAC?
  3. Thanks Deomsh! I went on a journey into binary and hex land and made it out the other side still in 1 piece! The reading on the IHDA specification made a lot more sense this time through. I was able to convert the hex offset bytes from the verbs into bits and then divide the bits according to the specs to see the settings. I was then able to decode the Default Configuration Parameters from my datasheet and tweak as necessary for this laptop. On further investigation regarding the '41' offset = This is indeed disabling the mono output to enable the DAC to send the stream to the analo
  4. Hello gents! Very happy to report that after following this thread I have sound working in Win98SE on a HP 6710b laptop with Microsoft UAA (8086 27D4) and Soundmax AD1981HD (11D4 1981) on board. This laptop also has an Agere HDA modem attached and strangely the hdacfg.ini is registering this device as the codec.. I assume im not playing through the HDA modem codec as it sounds great! I typed up and rejigged the AD1984 HD HDAICOUT.HDA from DEOMSH's diagram to suit the widgets on the AD1981 but still no sound. I downloaded the HP manufacturer driver for the AD1981 and checked
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