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  1. I have the 0x800b0003 error with online and offline update in wumt. I'm using the latest wsusscn2.cab with sha-1 signature from july 13th, but I don't think this has something with the error since the only vector that causes the error is the presence of IE8. I need IE8 just to read some html reports generated from a legacy software that runs only in windows xp due to the hardlock.
  2. What I do is to clean install Windows XP > install IE8 > install update agent 7.6 > apply posready patch, then if I try to update, I get error 0x800b0003. If I uninstall IE8, update works. If I skip the IE8 install, update works. TLS 1.0 is enabled.
  3. When I install IE8 I get error code 0x800B0100 in WU or the minitool. If I uninstall IE8, things go back working properly again. Anyone knows why the presence of IE8 causes this issue?

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