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  1. I just get the rquires windows 7 and above message when trying to install qbittorrent however chrome works great and so thats awesome!!
  2. Someone was nice enough to send me a link to a windows vista iso with the extended kernel 5.5 already installed. Now however I get the procedure entry point setgroupaffinity could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel.32.dll when trying to use any app requiring net framework. I did it because the first time I tried updating to the newest version of the kernel I got the beautiful blue screen that said stop! So i did lol not a big deal just reinstalled vista with the updated iso. i noticed it has net framework 4.8 installed as well. Musicbee is an awesome music app but not doesnt work as well as cdburner xp which require net framework to load. Just my guess on what might be the issue if not I can always reinstall and go back to the version before of the kernel. If i try going back on this version of vista I blue screen as well so I just use a standard vista update then install the version of the kernel before the latest one.
  3. Deleting the file worked thanks Win32 for the help! Pale Moon opened right up.
  4. The newest version of pale moon does not seem to work but I just found the one from oct 2020 and that loads just fine. The error code i get on pale moon 29.0.1 is 0xc0000005 failed to initialize properly. Maybe that can be fixed?
  5. Spotify.com works on the latest chrome on vista to my surprise,before songs would only play for 9 seconds at a time. Shocked by it but happy it now works in case anyone was unaware of it.
  6. I have a dell latitude from 2013 and I did not manage to find the wifi drivers when installing xp 64 but i did find ethernet and most of the others. Snappy driver I should have tried lol.
  7. I did get the latest chrome to work on vista even if extensions do not load it is still really awesome!!

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