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  1. Yeah I already figured that part. I am not sure what happened, since I was doing everything in a VM to test something out (I intended to use ONE inside a winPE) and was looking for ways. I came upon that, and thought to give it a try on my own windows but that's all I did. Maybe after uninstalling it I should have restarted first to try the regsvr method. It just wouldn't restart or shut down when I registered the dlls. And then the force shutdown sealed the deal to damage it all. I managed to fix the bcd (for some reason I can't get it to boot in standard/uefi mode and it always loads in legacy) but windows still doesn't boot. But thanks for the info again, I guess a reinstall is inevitable.
  2. I know, I have registered dlls in the past without any issues. I just ran some commands and bcdrec finds no windows installations, the fixboot option says access denied and fixmbr still does nothing except for saying process completed. I don't know what or how my bcd got messed. Edit: It would have been better if I could boot into my winpe but even that doesn't work for some reason. Just shows that windows couldn't start blue screen. Gonna try and build a new bcd see if that works or not. Edit2: Rebuilt the BCD, it started booting the windows but then stopped at just the three dots while loading it. Dang, I am afraid my windows is a bust.
  3. Could registering them manually cause any sort of malfunction? Was testing this functionality, Uninstalled from GUI and installed back via the regsvr32 (I didn't restart at this point). Next thing I knew my windows wasn't restarting or shut downing. I wasn't getting the shutdown menu (on pressing Alt+F4) no Ctrl+Alt+Del menu either. I could get the task manager, but I was impatient at the moment and hastily just force closed windows by long pressing the power button. Now windows is a dud. Can boot to safe mode but seems like, it can't get to the bootloader normally (I had entries for recovery and a winpe, so I always got a 15 sec prompt to select, but it can't get to load to this part). System hangs at a black screen. Startup repair couldn't repair anything (it just showed that error, that it couldn't repair the startup) SFC scan showed some files corrupt (although that could just be due to the UXthemepatcher, system was running fine and had been for 7 months with it installed) It just happened after that registering the dlls. Even though I unregistered them via safe mode and even tried to install/uninstall again via the GUI. This was catastrophic.
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