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  1. I cannot figure out how to install the June 10th version of the vista kernel? This is what happens when you run the setup.exe as admin: I to cd into an admin cmd first... nada. Any ideas?
  2. I have the Dell Latitude E6230, E6430, Dell Precision M6700, and M4700. They are all the same CPU/GPU Generation as your E6530. All of those do not have driver support for vista but, there are workarounds. Basically how you get it to work is firstly install the extended kernel because it's needed to extract the dell installer. then, download the Driver Cab (aka Driver Pack) from Dell for Windows 7 and XP 64-bit. If there isn't a XP 64-bit folder download the precision equivalent of the latitude cab. there is always precision xp 64-bit drivers intel 3rd gen and earlier. also, download the intel lan installer for seven because it's the only way to install it. then point device manager to the extracted cab of seven if it doesn't find it try pointing it to the xp one. as for intel hd 4000 there is a version of the drivers that does work with it: I hope it helps!
  3. Hey, I love the process of what you guys are doing here! I am a vista fan thru and thru! I love keeping older (Windows Vista doesn't feel old to me. It actually feels quite modern to me) software alive for as long as possible! I just have a quick question... Is there a way on loading a newer version of Microsoft Office than officially supported?

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