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  1. Thank you, i'm sorry for the delay, i was busy with other things, ver 4.2.1 work good now, the only thing, would you please add these 2 exclusions: \Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\*urschipidea.inf \Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\*urschipidea.sys otherwise, 16KEXPRESS did not boot correctly with Win 2004, i've tested on VMWare also would you please fix language files, the Russian language did not look correctly, i've replaced language files from v4.2, so for me it looks good now. and i've added 2 diskpart scripts: Disk0_uefi_1 and Disk0_uefi_1_no_RE tools. Script Disk0_uefi did not work correctly for me. (asked for BitLocker) Thank you for your support. 4.2.1 fix
  2. JFX, i tried different versions on VMWare - Win10 1607, 2004, 1909, as a result, Windows did not boot up. Would you please check on your side. i would prefer to install 1607 with 16K EXPRESS or LZX. WOFCompress.exe works good, Windows boot up, but i would prefer to use WinNTSetup. buy the way, in WOF Compress GUI 3.3 - Window "Drive or Folder" did not work in Win Boot PE.
  3. Hello, Could you please help, I'm trying to install Win10 x64 different versions using WinNTSetup 4.2 with compression greater than 4kexpress, as a result, the system does not boot. A message appears that the hal.dll file is corrupted or does not exist. with 4kexpress compression, the system boots normally. i'm trying your scripts with diskpart as well.. 8kexpress, 16kexpress and lzx compression methods have yellow color, only 4kexpress and non compression methods have green color.
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