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  1. Well I think the disk is the problem, on HDD Sentinel, the disk activity is very high
  2. The computer runs fine in safe mode, but that's about all I checked It even says 100% when I boot it up normally When I try to scan, it says "Drive not found or doesn't support LBA mode"
  3. I ran the computer in safe mode, and then downloaded HDD Sentinel, and it says the performance and health is 100%.
  4. I have a Dell Optiplex GX520, and it's been very slow lately. In fact, it's been even slower after installing a pc cleaner. Firefox at least takes 10 minutes to load, sounds are delayed, and these pc cleaners aren't helping!
  5. Is there any way to make Clamwin take less time and not chew up my CPU
  6. ClamWin slows down my computer, and it takes forever to scan, in fact, it stays stuck on the "loading signature database" screen
  7. I've tried to use it, but it takes forever to scan and update the databases, and on top of that, it chews up my CPU. I think I'm not using it right
  8. Is there any good antivirus program? All I can find is clamwin, which doesn't seem to any good
  9. The motherboard is a Biostar M6TWG, and I think the graphics unit is a Intel i752
  10. So I got this old Pionex computer back in December. I tried to dual boot it with NT 4.0 for some reason, deleted the whole OS by accident, reinstalled it, and now, it's stuck with 16 colors and a 640x480 resolution! I've tried everything, from drivers to SciTech Display Doctor to reinstalling it yet again, but nothing seems to work It only goes into true color when I open up a DOS application
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