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  1. hey, i wanted to report a problem with your program, theres a problem with the win2k or xp setup tab where if you load drivers for it for example a wrong scsi driver, it drops these txtsetup.sif and ntldr stuff in the boot drive, right? i booted into it and i got a bsod, so, now i loaded a wrong driver, i formatted the destination drive for windows xp, and i tried it again with a driver that works, it drops the new driver sys file to some weird win and character stuff so i restart and go to windows xp setup, and i still bsod, why? because i think your program doesnt care about txtsetup.sif when it exists on the boot drive no matter what, you have to delete it so setup can make a new one and add lines in it to load my driver, it irritated me for so long, please make it so it overwrites txtsetup.sif and other boot files when you load another driver, cause this took like 4 hours to see what the f*** was the problem.

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