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  1. Could you possibly post a screenshot are provide a link to the theme you found. I too am looking for a replacement to aeroglass and rather have the Win 10 buttons + transparency. I have been following/looking at the various screenshots posted in threads and there was always something that wasn't quite right. I'll probably end up using Curtains so the theme search continues...
  2. Well... found out that if I run SFC(System File Check) it will "replace" the 2 working files with the "new" ones in the course of correcting abnormalities. Not the best scenario, but just have to settle not running SFC... unless you have to... if you don't want to go through the whole replacement process again.
  3. So let me get this straight... Do I have to roll back to get/use the 2 files OR can I keep on .778 and replace the affected files? IF I can stay on .778... is it possible for someone to upload the 2 "working" files for replacement as an attachment?

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