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  1. Extra AIO 652 Reg Tweaks for Clean Install Win10 : https://www.upload.ee/files/12726040/Extra_Reg_Tweaks.cmd.html Call it via Setupcomplete.cmd at end.
  2. A rquest to dev of this great Tool WinNtSetup have been using it since a long time . i tried to create Win10 VHD EFI Based to be used via Ventoy boot USB but when i tried to boot it results into error . Please if somebody have any time to test so that dev will look into it & will resolve it asap in next release. but if we create win 7 or 10 VHD or VDI via virtualbox then it works flawlessly with Ventoy.
  3. Updated Offline Script With Many New Changes : https://www.upload.ee/files/12397156/Win10AIO-Debloater.cmd.html
  4. --- Offline Win 10 Image Servicing Script to Remove Windows Apps , Remove System Apps , Disable UnNeeded Features , Remove Capabilities (Packages) , Remove OneDrive & More ---- Safe SystemApps Removal : fileexplorer filepicker addsuggestionfolderstolibrarydialog aadbrokerplugin bioenrolment ecapp lockapp edgedevtoolsclient edge win32webviewhost apprepchxapp assignedaccesslockapp callingshellapp capturepicker contentdeliverymanager parentalcontrols peopleexperiencehost xgpuejectdialog xboxgamecallableui cbspreview W10-Debloater Without Syste
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