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  1. Hi Sorry for the delay reply, I'll see this post, first i've to look for an ps2 keyboard mmm...thats a problem. Thanks for this suggestion Question: I have in a box an usb 2.0 pci-ex card with 3 ports could this solve this issue? Or its better trying to pick a ps2 keyboard instead?
  2. one day I was angry and with huge hurry after a f***** update screwed all my printers devices. I had to repair my pc from zero by using a reinstall by default with windows recovery (at least the very few good thing in this horrible O.S. at least....) then I have to set everything example: set timezone and hour, you have to do 4 f****** clicks once you are on the dialog Date and Hour when with Win 7 it was only are 2 clicks, and they call this kind of clusterf*** things as "productivity", same for lookin' for panel contro, 3 clicks, same for managing internet and lan icon, etc... everything overcomplicated, I think they do like to f*** everybody no matter how it was done this ***** o.s Updates....same headache! (although they lately in the two last big versions they are giving more freedom to set the update timetable). I lately got a negative feel like microsoft are trying to use us to testing their patches instead they having to do testing internally. Summoning = Win 10 the worse o.s. all microsoft story , bravely surpassed against another (vista pre-sp1 and sp2, win8, win me) of their old o.s. C'mon microsoft you can! Congrats!
  3. Hi I have 3 rigs, one in work with 10 which I hate a lot (tried to purchase the ltsc version but is too expensive tho...), current with I7 that does not support win vista ( :/ ) and the other more new with ryzen 7 which I read in this forum a post with the full cpu support list for vista so I will try it. Only I do need know how integrate drivers. You are a guy with crazy luck with your old pc
  4. aH Interesting, Thenn I will wait for it! thanks dude
  5. Hi all I do have usb 3.0 drivers and nvme/sata ahci drivers I used to install win 7, I saw the compatibility cpu list and I have ryzen 7 but how do I integrate these drivers into win vista install disc to make keyboard and mice usb 3.0 recognizable and the modern ssd and nvme disks? Thank you Long live vista
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