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  1. Yes. However XPs monitor detection was never one its strong points, often a manual resolution / refresh rate had to be manually added through the NVIDIA control panel and then the screen scaling wouldn't work properly either, especially at higher resolutions, leaving the text unreadable or windows that you could enevr get to the OK button. PnP monitors actually made this worse in some cases, locking the screen into a high res. interlacing mode that flickered like hell. I hate Windows 10, it's terrible, XP also had its crazy moments. Myself, I'm having some "artifact" problems with 1650 (studio drivers) on displayport running 4k on a LG monitor, WIN 10 PRO x64 20H2 - I'd love to find a solution to that
  2. Firstly, you are very rude and there is no reason to be so. Secondly, I as many most from my experience. If you bothered to research who people are then you would know that when I am talking about running software on XP that I am unlikely to be talking about games. There are, in fact other and better reasons why users may wish to continue with XP other than waste their lives playing old games. Thirdly, I have managed to get a 1030 running on XP, we do happen to know when a card is only running compatibility mode. It was rubbish, probably not helped because 10xx cards are rubbish. Fourthly, have you seen the cost of a second-hand GTX980ti, you can get new 1660s cheaper. Why would you want to do that now, this post was started more than 5 years ago when 10xx card actually mattered. If you want to grasp my interestest, tell me that you got a 16xx or 20xx running on XP. I am sure there are many users reading these post thinking "Could I do it, I mean get 10xx working on XP" and the answer is yes, and somebody already probably did. Was it any good? Was it good enough to justify building an installer package etc etc , Am I going to get paid ? Is it worth it when I can get something good for a fraction of the read-world cost. Read what people have written here, they are clever guys. But finally, don't be rude. That is never going to get you the answers you want.
  3. Honestly I don't see the point. NVIDIA are so far on from 10 series now and even the lowest machines have 16xx or above. Most graphics cards above 7 or 8 series do work much better on Windows 10 (even on older MBs) although it does take a while ploughing through various driver versions and combinations. Of course, if the graphics chipset is newer than XP era drivers then it is unlikely to give any performance / quality advantage as the game or software was never made or tested on it. NVIDIA spends not its time in driver production but in condition testing, the performance "devil" is in the very fine detail. The highest performance graphics card I found to work with XP 32ps3 & x64 was 780ti with a ASUS Z77-V motherboard and an i7 or Xeon depending on the software's multi-threading capability. Replacing the boot drive with an SSD (HyperX fury or Samsung EVO) made far more difference than any changes I made to GPU or configuration. If you use Ghost to transfer the data, then you don't even have to reinstall anything.
  4. I absolutely agree. In most of my experiments the installation can be made to run, but after reboot the driver doesn't load. Also, where I did get 10x to actually load they were either extremely unreliable or were easily out-performed by older fully compatible cards. For my own system I went for a Palit GTX 750 ti which has proved to work very well and infact much better than some 10x cards I tested.
  5. Hello and thanks again. Yes, ASUS make a GT730 2GB DDR5, although I don't think that my CPU clock can make best use of the DDR5. The PC is in a recording studio enviroment and it is any important that nothing causes too much latency or else you get gitter or lag on play back - I think this is why a lot of the stuff was never transisioned to later Windows versions.
  6. Thanks for that. I have a GT 430 1G DDR3, do you think that a GT730 2GB DDR5 would offer much of an improvement in XP x32 SP3 (Card must be silent, no fans). I tried a GT 710, which was fine in XP but was constantly crashing in Windows 7. I'm between a rock and a hard-place, I have essential hardware that won't work on newer motherboards and software that has long since been discontinued. I currently use a dual boot system XP x32 SP3 & Windows 7 on a GIGABYTE GA-H55M-D2 motherboard.
  7. Hi has anybody ever managed to get GEFORCE 10xx series working on XP (32 bit, SP3) I got a Gigabyte GT 1030 silent 2GB (Hardware ID: 1D01) works great on 7 but can't get a peep out of it on XP. I downloaded the iCafe driver and edited the inf. Tried all the section modes. Installer works perfectly, but after reboot Hardware manager says "Device cannot start" It is presumed that it doesn't work because this one needs the NVLDDMKM.SYS driver. Failing that I'll send it back, shame tho. What should I change it for that'll work well with 7 x64 and XP x32. Should have 2Gb DDR5 and be fanless. Full Profile is fine. Nice and fast for Hungry Windows Apps.

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