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  1. Search and posting just don't work.

    Lucky if this posted. Certainly cannot do anything on msfn.org/board, been trying to search and post since this morning (GMT -8).

    EDIT: to see if adblocker was the cause. Haven't been on this forum for awhile and recently upgraded Bodhi Linux 5.1.0 to 6.0.0, and forgot that I had adblocker disabled for ad support before.

    EDIT 2: editing profile and editing this post seems quick.

    Would adblocker plus have any effect on this forum?

    EDIT 3: search fails.

    Page title

    A configuration or server error has occurred

    Page contents

    Sorry, there is a problem
    Something went wrong. Please try again.


  2. 21 hours ago, Dylan Cruz said:

    Huh? Visual Basic 6? I don't think you need XP for that, I seem to recall installing it on Windows 7 at some point and W2K.

    Yes I do, as Windows XP is the only version of Windows I'll ever have and use on a early 2000's (before 2002) computer. Back then, a college thing.

    My primary computer was bought June 2020, as soon as I received it and was setup to use, installed Bodhi Linux to rid of Windows 10.

  3. My first computer was the Commodore Vic 20 back in the 80's, still have this and in working order, except 2 broken keys.

    Second was a early 90's $4000 one, that ran Windows 3.11, 486SX, 33 MHz to 66 MHz, 1 MB to 4 MB ram, cannot recall if it was 40 MB or 120 MB hard drive, dialup modem, do not recall video. Sadly got rid of it many many years ago.

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