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  1. So far I noticed problems only on DM - content display is disturbed. But that's a real problem for me, since DM is a part of my daily activity on Instagram. And those problems are caused by that entry in userContent.css - I checked my DM with and without it.
  2. I confirm that it works just like you described - carousels works for both, pictures and videos (at least in cases I checked so far). Scroll-bars are still there - but that's not that important anymore. Thank you!! EDIT: Now I noticed problem. With that content in userContent.css my DM doesn't work properly - there are several problems with message displaying in the default and mobile view as well.
  3. Well, in my case it's all even more complicated. In part of image carousels pictures are displayed properly - in some other image carousels pictures are blank (white boxes). And there are some mixed cases - some of pictures in image carousel are displayed, but some others are invisible, and that's really confusing. Let's say there's image carousel made of 3 pictures - and I can see first 2 of these pictures, the last one is blank. Video carousels all are blank. Ugly scroll bars appears also in other elements - like the collections of Story on the account main page (if there's a many different collections in it). Videos in carousels still can be watched through Page Info > Media > Video link.
  4. I confirm that problem. And that's what I was talking about here some time ago. Back then I had this problem only when I was logged in to my account - when I was logged out everything was fine. But now described by you problem appears no matter if I'm logged in or out. "Ugly scroll bars" and blank images/videos appears only on carousels (multiple posts).
  5. Ah, thank you! It looks like there's some problem on my side indeed. Sometimes there are kind of a temporary bugs on individual Instagram accounts - I hope it will be fixed somehow since I'm not good in those things myself. Thank you once again for taking your time to check it and for your feedback!
  6. Ahh, sorry - I wrote it in a bit "confusing" way - the dance is a main content on that account. The correct name is just: @alexii__._ I'd appreciate your feedback. Maybe it's just some problem on my side? I still can't see that video (2 parts in carousel) directly in that post - I can watch it only in page info > Media > Video.
  7. As I said that problems appears again just in some cases. Since it's a public account I think I can post here an example. The last video post on Instagram @alexii__._ dance account (TOXIC - YAEL NAIM) I can see only the thumbnail in the page view and only 2 blank windows in carousel in that post on my PC (check on it on your system, please). I noticed it also in other cases, but I don't remember exactly the accounts (since I don’t follow them). And the scroll bars I mentioned earlier appears in the carousels to scroll their parts (it wasn't like that before).
  8. Hello again. It looks like recently Instagram has changed something again. In the video and picture windows (and in some other elements on page) there appeared scroll bars that weren't seen before. That's not a problem - but at the same time some videos has stopped to work again. Most of videos still works (80-90% is okay) - but in some cases there are just a blank windows again. Those “blank videos” are still visible through the page info > Media > Video link, but they are invisible in the post on the Instagram page. And another thing - since those scroll bars appeared Instagram generally works a bit slower - some things load slower (e.g. the window with the list of followers etc.). I’m the only one with that problem? Any chance for some solution - especially for those blank video windows?
  9. @mixit It works indeed - with single videos and carousels! Thank you!!
  10. This user.Content.css works great (thanks!! ) - but there's one exception. It doesn't work for the Instagram video galleries. I mean the videos splitted into few parts and uploaded in one gallery post - there's still just a black box (at least in my case). For all single posted videos this fix works perfectly. Is there any chance to make it work for video galleries? PS - I tried to use different UA strings - no effect for video galleries.

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