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  1. Tanks bro and i more like old stlye but i will use FalconX in my Server,and i use other sofware changed my fonts name is noMeiryoUI,I cant give you link to download by Chian network but you can search in google
  2. Ok Bro I got my new LapTop and setting all Desktop now is more batter then my Desktop.Finlly i just need to use you tell me use sofware to nake it more nice
  3. thanks bro bty i have a new laptop so that desktop will more good then my desktop's desktop
  4. LOL my desktop is like thia big one reason is I need use adobe PR AND AE to do work so sometime you know but in Linux desktop well different that well looks clearly no icon or some thing on desktop
  5. Thanks, I well go to try it and my use fonts is China some company development a set of fonts my used is Aa-Libra fonts and this is Downlaod adress https://1drv.ms/u/s!AotJ82KZjxTZ0VeRuq1hNbzuhTKs?e=quZhbZ Hop you enjoy that
  6. Aero Glass dose not know to hook your version of DWM (0X2000) When I update windows1903 Cumulative update 08 (KB4513941) Aero Glass is not rendering DWM colors,now Aero Glass just rendering DWM text and it looks very strange.

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