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  1. Did you put the updated files into the Aero Glass folder and did you restart your computer? It should make Aero Glass work again. If you did, restart the computer and when it promts the incompatibility issue window, click on Cancel and now, the translucent effects should be in effect. P.S.: I'd like to try this workaround out for 20H1. I hope it works.
  2. For me, every single UWP app is not able to adapt the custom theme atlas, unless if I use Aero10 (but if I would like to use it, I have to format my system drive, which is not good for me considering that I've already done the "format c:" thing a couple of days ago). It would be nice to have an app that can patch the UWP apps to adapt the theme atlas image properly.
  3. Hello everyone! I am a first-timer at the MSFN forums as an active user. So please accept my best apologies if I'm rambling in this post. So I wanted to make Windows 10 prettier. I've downloaded the latest version of Glass8 and installed it under Windows 10 1903. As you can see, I've even applied a custom theme atlas. But there's an issue with it: it can't apply the atlas image on the UWP app's title bars (as it can be seen in this picture), unlike in a custom version of Windows 10 called Aero10. Is there any way to apply the theme atlas to the UWP apps without using UxStyle (because it breaks Windows 10 1903 when I install it)?

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