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  1. My car dealership now admits they were having problems with their website and have now corrected them. The problems seem to have affected the car manufacturer's website as well. Most likely the manufacturer provided buggy software and updates to their dealers, thus affecting many dealer websites. I am no longer seeing 6-column display problems in either NM 27 or NM 28. I have made no changes to my system other than periodic New Moon updates. This explains why some of out helpful friends were seeing bugs on some system setups, but not on others they tested later. My thanks to you, Roytam1, and to your supporters for your responsiveness to me. .
  2. I do not have access to Win7, so I tried the website link in palemoon-26.5.0.Atom.WinXP.installer.exe, the last official version which will run under WinXP. The webpage link seems to render correctly. Thanks for your interest and excessive hard work.
  3. I run chkdsk.exe every time I turn on this old WinXP x86 machine. So hard disk corruption is not the problem. I also run Speedyfox from time to time to compact the databases of all the browsers on my machine. It seems to speed up loading of the browsers. I am not sure, but Speedyfox MIGHT also remove minor corruption from the databases. It is freeware and seems to work well, but may require a little attention to be sure it doesn't miss any of your databases. I recommend it highly: https://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox/ I will repeat the problematic webpage link below to make this thread easier to follow: https://www.subaru.com/vehicles/outback/models.html/OBK-compare-wrapper-modal The six-column chart does not render properly in either the latest versions of New Moon 28.6.0a1.win32 or 27.9.6.win32. The same problem existed in earlier versions of New Moon. The best way to see the display issue is to compare how the chart renders in a Chrome clone browser. Then the issue will be obvious. I am neither a programmer nor a web designer, so the cause of the problem is completely mysterious to me. Thanks to both of you for your interest.
  4. Posted 9 minutes ago https://www.subaru.com/vehicles/outback/models.html/OBK-compare-wrapper-modal This six-column chart does not display properly in latest version of New Moon 28.6.0a1.win32, though it does display properly in Chrome clones, even an OLD version of SlimJet.
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