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  1. Could someone package all those belonging to Windows 2003 in a rar and upload it?
  2. I have been able to know windows xp to which the original shell could be modified. Is there a post that contains a list of the most important topics in this section?. I want to modify the libraries, the windows shell. and add programs. Where can I find all the tutorials in this section?
  3. Is there any other program similar to nlite? is that I need to eliminate more functions of xp, more than this program allows to eliminate. If there is not, would they have tutorials on how to do it manually?
  4. I would like to know what programs should be deleted in the section where the options for deleting files by name are found. for example I would like to leave XP and Windows 2003 as a base. That is to say. I want to erase all the programs that come in these systems. I just want to leave the default support. and the essential libraries. someone could make a list in txt, with everything that should be removed. Including images, help files. Programs and tutorials. eth
  5. Which one should I download first? or using only the latest update will work.
  6. someone will have a utility similar to Nlite to create an unattended distribution of windows NT 4 in the case that it does not exist. How could I do it manually?
  7. You can make a complete video tutorial, so I can see how it is done. Because it is impossible to download the files of the link.
  8. the only part that works is "NT4VU3_RC1-ShellUpdate", the others are inaccessible. Could someone upload them again?

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