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  1. I want to share 2 printers that are connected through USB to a computer From that computer i print, but there is no sharing tab on them in Devices and Printers, and also i don't see them in file explorer It was O.K. once
  2. The PSU was working, but i didn't touch the contacts. i moved some parts inside (HD) and i think that i merelly touched the inserted RAM. Anyway, maybe even the turning off and on of the computer did that, since that is what happened the first time i bought the new RAM, a few mounths ago and now again. i took out and stuck back in the RAM modules, even used the old ones and only one time it recognized. It's like a machine barely working, and even when you touch something-it breaks. Why should be the PSU closed for some time before starting again, which capacitors should i check, the mother-board's? and how? I got a suggestion, from an other forum, to take the CMOS's battery out and put back in order to reset the CMOS. curiously, i did that twice-and in both times the computer worked afterwards (it didn't after i sut doun and started again, a few times, after the first CMOS's refresh, and it worked immediatelly after the second CMOS's refresh)
  3. I have an old MSI H61M-E23 motherboard. i bought RAM, it didn't work a few times and then yes, for a few months. I touched the RAM accidentally, took it in and out, used the old modules-nothing. it felt the RAM only once and then didn't work again. Are these signs that the motherboard dies? What can i do, if at all, to save it? Thanks
  4. I made everything i could, the installer is on Automatic and running after restart (although it stops), i try to install something, even the microsoft Win 7 updates it doesn't want. I tried while it was running, as written in the Services. no use I also tried to install something as an administrator-no use Maybe it's permissions?
  5. I updated Win7. used Simplix UpdatePack. downloaded also un update from Microsoft. now 9 updates repeatedly won't install, but they are security and office updates. Used the 2 programs listed above: PowerRun and AdvancedRun, although i don't know which user to choose in the last one. i applied 2 options, but no good. The process seems to work since it's written in the process manager, but the programs i want to install, for example Acad 14, Office 2003 &, as a test, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, all write the same error message. I remind you that i made the Regedit fixes suggested first. before tweaking with AdvancedRun i Regedit.exe didn't have UAC Virtualisation, i don't know if it's connected. After playing with AdvancedRun-now it's written nothing under UAC Virtualisation for Regedit.exe, in Task manager.
  6. I made, mistakingly, method 1 first, no god, then #2 & #1, no good. It says the keys & values contained in... couldn't be accesed, though the file has been added to the registry
  7. I have Win 7x64 bit operating system (does it say the motherboard and the CPU are also x64, or they could be x64 and still work?) I try to insytall Autocad, error, so i try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package In both cases it writes Windows installer service could not be accessed. I ebabled most of the processes, and still: Windows installer service could not be accessed
  8. I can't make a home network like i had with Win XP. now i have Win 7 and the share button is greyed out, no matter what i do. Is there a solution to share only a network, external HD? I just want to save work from 3 computers to single HD.
  9. I didn't read your reply because i have a problem: I have overwritten 8.1 with Win 7 that i backed up before, but the dual boot menu disappeared, now i can't boot to XP. Win 7 just boots without giving the option to select, as was before 8.1 Do i have to use EasyBCD, and how? and if i will want to install a third OS, how can i add to the menu? Thanks Now that i have calmed down by writing to you, i can go and read your explanation... Thanks
  10. Yes please, advise how and where can i learn to do this (4T to XP & 8.1), and in general is there a good source of learning I also want to buy a PCIe adapter for NVMe, in order to load Win on that, but i don't know if i can use a M.2 PCIe SSD or SATA SSD I understand SATA uses PCIe, and i have them both, what are the pro's and con's for SSD? My motherboard has BIOS, will i be able to boot from PCIe SSD, or should i buy SATA SSD, and if so, why, if at all, it's beeter to use a PCIe (x16?) adapter instead of a simple SATA SSD with the direct cable attachment
  11. I had XP with a HD of 4T. maybe i formatted, i don't remember, i think not. it worked fine and i saw 2T. Now dual boot 8.1+XP and still only 2T. it sees, though, 4G RAM. It says x64 operating system, x64 based processor (old motherboard with i5). How do i know if the computer really works on 64 bit? Are motherboards and RAM's manufactured at x32 or x64, or does it depend only on the OS and CPU? Do i have to format the HD to 4T, and can XP use it? Thanks
  12. I had Win XP, then installed Win 7 and, to my surprise and content, it made dual boot and kept Win XP also. good. Later i installed Win 8.1 anew, and it installed instaed of Win 7. Now i want to move the partition where XP is (it's on an other HD and i want to disable it) How do i keep the dual boot, where is the file so i can change the path and how. By the way, do you know a program to create and resize partitions? Thanks
  13. I want to buy a motherboard and a CPU. i don't demand much from the comp or the resolution, it's 1366x768 I don't want to buy a graphics card and there is an Integrated Graphics Processor-Intel® HD Graphics support. do i need a CPU with a graphics card? What does the chip on the motherboard, does it only connect the graphics card, whether it's in the CPU or stands alone, to the HDMI etc. connectors? If i don't want to insert a separate graphics card, then, i understand, i have to buy a CPU with one inside, right?
  14. On headphones the sound and volume are good and strong
  15. Settings seem O.K: all levels high
  16. I have an old Fujitsu Lifebook U Series and the music plays weak and a bit strange. i don't think it was always like that. It has a Realtek High Definition Audio driver which looks O.K in Control Panel
  17. I want to install Word with menus in Hebrew, which file should i seek, and where? I have Word 2003 and 2007 installed, with English as display language. In Office Language Settings there is only the option to change the editing language, and i don't see in Word itself language setings I am afraid to install again and can't remember, will there be, on the installation process, an option to choose the display language?
  18. In most cases it does't even start, don't see anything. I took out the battery, it works on the AC adapter. On a few trials, the laptop starts and for a few seconds the windows blue window logon appears and disappears. the resolution, in those few seconds, appears low. I can't enter BIOS with F2. It doesn't start from the CD, from a bootable disk. Only on the few cases, when i see the windows logon, the hard disk indicator light lights.
  19. I think the problem is i can't make any volume to be shared on the Win 10 comp, in the file browser, when i select the drive and select properties-->Sharing, i can't use the Share button
  20. By host you mean the remote computer, the Fujitsu? I see from the Fujitsu the other computer but from the permissions tab, on the Fujitsu, i see only Fujitsu in the Locations search box, so i don't find the other computers on the home network and i can't grant permissions Besides, i didn't do this procedure in the past, with the successfull simple file sharing network that i made at home I see only a WiFi connection on the Fujitsu, no LAN network. In the Device Manger of the Fujitsu, Network, only a WiFi network card+7 or 8 WAN cards, each, i guess, with an other protocol. Is it because i don't have a network card? does that one card do the rest? do i have to install a network card? There is no RJ-45 socket on the Fujitsu so i used a USB adapter
  21. I enabled everything i knew and i see the two hard drives on a remote computer on my simple home network, with simple file sharing, but i am told i have no permission and can't access them. There is no password on the remote and it just refused, with a hard sound, it didn't ask for a password
  22. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook U series which has no RJ-45 port, i use a USB adapter. I can't share this computer although i enabled file sharing. it sees the other computers in my home and i see only the public folders in it from other computers. In the Network adapters list in Device Manager there is a Wirelss card and 8 WAN adapters, each with a different protocol, i guess. Do i have to install a network adapter in a vacant PCI slot? where do i buy these?
  23. The Share button is greyed on the Local Disk (C:) Properties I enabled everything in the Network and Sharing Center-Advanced sharing settings I also can't connect remotley, in my home, with Remote Desktop There is only one account with administrator previledges and no password I can't find the Remote Desktop settings, i don't know where they should be

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