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  1. Oh oke, I didn't realize that, that must explain the weird file vanishing then. Is there any way to fix that potentially or not, since 2410 has a bit more functionality then the original Windows 2000 version?

    Yes I have BWC's kernel extensions V30E installed. I had just installed vanilla Windows 2000 + SP4 and here the problem is not present anymore, if I click on the fullscreen button in the lefthand windows it works (I dont have the option to set it in the right click context menu).

  2. Hello everyone here on MSFN. I was doing some Win2k exploring and I stumbled upon a issue. When a photo is viewed with the built in Shell Image Viewer I receive an error about a function not found in shimgvw.dll, "ImageView_Fullscreen".

    I did some research into the problem but wasn't able to find a good solution on how to solve it. A form post on BlackWingCat's website said that shimgvw.dll from Windows Whistler 2410 works on Win2k, and I can confirm that it is indeed working, but has some problems regarding deleting files (if one selects a file to view and then overwrite it, the file vanishes).

    Maybe someone has an idea on how to copy the function "ImageView_Fullscreen" (or maybe other functions aswell) from the beta 2410 version to the default Win2k version (the function in 2410 exists in the export table).

    Please excuse me if there are any spelling errors, English is not my main language:worship:

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