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  1. Yes I want to thank Jaclaz for that great VS 2019 launch…I think I fired up my old Cessna and go, whenever they set a few date. The sad thing about the YouTube video on the sites, is really great but when they show “Windows ME” Sadly it die very quickly. But not like Windows 7 last as long time 10 + years. My old “Clown Suite for Shriners” didn’t last that long! Well Tripredacus I want to said you welcome, I do need a vacation not the funny farm, but the “Sunny land of Las Vegas McCarran, see you there June 2019? You're can put me on permanent vacation. Good Bye!!! Happy flying...
  2. Hi What i would do is to changed 1 script in to two and install your MS 2008 R2 separated First i would try your Script in a "Virtual-box" and correct 3 problems i see in Script ...1st... don't repeat command line's; this confuse your UEFI / CMD … 2nd you have no "EXE" to executed? 3rd *.bat need to be a lot longer. While in VM do the Partition, first, then OS See if it install MS Os arch ? if so; you damn good at code-writing. Second thought, You using VS 2015-2017 pro/? you need to add MS Visual Studio coding with it, me i only know: C and C++, DOS 7, Java, COBOL, Rockwell I/O coding Old school robotic. No i can't built u a maid :-( but a GPS lawnmower cut grass, hell yes! Than go Walmart get the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 200-600 dollar. You have a Clean yards, and clean carpet. Sorry i can't help you there on "Coding” i was looking for my MS Server 2000/2003 OS to run a de-script to convert to Notepad++ I still looking? Must be In storage. But now i don't have 599-1500 dollar to learn VS or get the software. My Server MS 2000/2003, 8 trays 3.5 100-160 GB/ea pr 32 bits, a lot stuff/software's/games, 4 gb ram with 16 gb PCI-HHD 8 I/O control-or, plus? Top it off 1 GB MHz processor, Old as s***. 1995-2001 used. But still work. Sorry i shouldn't help you out. Well best of luck in coding. WG
  3. Hi Swan90 Are you doing a clean boot from the disk NTFS partition from USB or Mod an harddrive? the problems is in startup Rootkit, This will work okay, but on most OS, but not on some Server OS Image will have a protection password to prevent an intuder/Hacker attack. It should be ADmin/antivirus is blocking. Disable ? (Password) if can, If using Norton AV/Server Protection, enter this passwork before partiton and installing. If Backup, you running recovery b-4 you will be front's with a "BLOCK" or Not allow with an error code it been awhile the last time was that i was using Windows 2000 Server. Which is the best business OS there was. but 2008 R2 is new (now 2016 server) so it maybe the Scripts c++ If this an 100% server the CMOS sometime the problems ( The CMOS/BIOS IO switches ) you want drive E: and it want to put it (?) ? Block on all HHD/SSD but the drive E: see if that work? <!-- Modify the Windows partition --> <ModifyPartition> <Order>1</Order> <PartitionID>1</PartitionID> but the <Format>NTFS</Format> <Label>DB</Label> <Letter>E</Letter> </ModifyPartition> </ModifyPartitions> </Disk> </DiskConfiguration> <ImageInstall> <OSImage> <InstallFrom> <MetaData wcm:action="add"> <Key>/IMAGE/NAME</Key> <Value>Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERSTANDARD</Value>
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