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  1. Please forgive me, this is probably a dumb question. But what is the advantage of using an installer? Versus simply decompressing the files into a directory and creating a shortcut to run the program? I've been using roy's new moon 27 (no SSE) browser this way for a short while, but I will install it if there are some benefits to be had. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, that's what I figured, but asked anyway. Its the old AMD curse. Henceforth I shall buy only Apple, intel and microsoft products. I've learned my lesson. I hope they make good underwear. Mine are threadbare :)
  3. I've had that problem with seamonkey for YEARS. And I've used noscript for a very long time. It never helped, but I did allow some scripts for ebay to work. If I really want to buy something badly, I can persist and eventually get it to work, but very slow with all the hangups. I can't run any seamonkey version later than 2.40 though, because of my old amd processor (has the curse of no magic sse stuff:) Could you say what script sources you allowed, if any? Thanks!
  4. Roy, will any of these run on an XP system without a SSE processor? I ask only because it isn't explicitly mentioned as was the case with your palemoon 27 build that I'm currently using (Thank you very much!). I am using an amd athlon 1200 Mhz. I also have a win 2k sp4 system but I only use it occasionally. Please excuse my ignorance. And thanks for the great work you do!
  5. Thanks roytam, it works now. It won't work on some secure sites, I guess it is too old. It's a pity the 27.9.6 won't run under win2k, but still this is a big step forward for me. Thank you VERY much!
  6. Same link? https://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/palemoon-26.5.0-20180718.win2000.7z
  7. Thanks, I already tried that a few days ago. But, I've discovered something else! I can run it on my XP machine. So something is wrong on the win2k box. I tried transferring the files between the machines via a usb drive. Tried running on fat 32 and ntfs drives. Nada. I used ccleaner to scan the registry, and probably forgot a dozen things I tried. (pulling out my hair didn't help :) Sorry for the false alarm guys, I just figured it wouldn't run on a duron with no SSE instructions. If anyone can think of anything I missed, I sure would appreciate any hints.
  8. I was only guessing it was an SSE problem since the post didn't specify SSE or no SSE like the ones for palemoon for XP did. It could be something else that keeps the builds from working. When I try to run palemoon.exe, I get a mesage something like ''' "palemoon exe is not a valid win 32 application". With KMeleon, it will run, but won't work properly and usually crashes soon. I'm not an expert, so I may be missing something obvious to others.
  9. Roytam1, Thank you very much for the browser builds. I am using your palemoon version (no sse) on win XP home, SP3. So far it works very well. However with the palemoon 26.5 version for win2000, I have no luck. I also tried the K-Meleon build. I'm thinking the builds are only for machines with SSE support. My win2k computer is using an AMD duron, and I'm betting that is the problem. Anyway, thanks again for the work you've done! I really appreciate it.
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