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  1. Hi, I've successfully managed to bypass the OOBE phase of installation without it asking me for AutoUpdates, Registration, etc. But I don't want it to bypass the step where it asks you "Who will use this computer?" and there you can input the User Account(s) that you want created. I'm aware you can use the OobeInfo.ini file to set user account(s) beforehand (ie. Identity000, Identity001, etc) but for my purposes the Account names are not set in stone. Every install will have different User Account names. Any suggestions people? Thanks in advance : )
  2. Hello folks, Been trowling through this superb forum and slowly trying to piece together a fully customized copy of Windows XP. I know from searching this forum that you can open up the NTUSER.DAT file and modify it accordingly, but is there a chance that you can somehow simply copy this file once you have tweaked all the Windows XP settings the way you want it to look and behave and then integrate it onto your own customized copy. Would make it a hell of alot simpler and save a mountain of time from trying to track down registry entries that perform this and that function. Any help would be very much appreciated EDIT - Oops seems I didn't search hard enough ; ) Found some info to get started with but nonetheless any more info on this topic is still very much welcomed thank you
  3. After fiddling around a bit I realized all the settings can be found in the registry. It's just a case of exporting and saving the relevant strings in the registry to a .reg file and then adding the lines to the RunOnceEx.cmd file
  4. Just recently started to take notice of this brilliant website/forum even though I registered 2 years ago and been happily slipstreaming away Just a quickie for now... was just wondering if it was possible to somehow slipstream some Windows settings into the CD - for example Icon spacings, Power Options, Taskbar properties, etc. Cheers lads
  5. cause nlite is calling the slipstreamer and slipstreamer does the wmp 11 integration.......not nlite. ah ok didn't realize the slipstreamer was actually being used despite it not being opened.
  6. hey boooggy, why do i need to install your slipstreamer as mentioned above when nlite alone does the slipstreaming of WMP11 & any hotfixes quite nicely. Does the slipstreamer perform some extra function nlite doesn't? nice work cheers