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  1. hi, i am experimenting with a post-rtm build of windows 8.1 that includes start menu (but not windowed metro apps like windows technical preview), build 9785. i've been trying to install different versions of aero glass (including 1.3.1 which was supposed to have windows technical preview compatibility iirc) but i always get errors when it applies. can anyone help me? i can upload dwm files of the build if they're needed
  2. dragonel

    What last browser for Vista?

    late answer but yandex browser is actually chrome 57 backported to vista and everything works (inluding discord screenshare and voice) seems like it's the most compatible browser for vista
  3. dragonel

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    internet explorer is pretty good for really low-end computers as it takes less resources than chrome/ff
  4. dragonel

    DWM - help

    hi i run windows 7 on my i7 6700hq and 32gb ram & nvidia quadro m2000m my laptop screen can be overclocked to 97hz from 60, so i use this custom refresh rate, as games are a lot smoother but, if i disable dwm, chrome has a terrible tearing, especially in youtube (https://imgur.com/T0j8pi4) does anyone know how can i fix this? i'd like to use the basic theme (without dwm)