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  1. Ok, I just setup Outlook 2003 w/ my AIM Mail account (IMAP service) and have a problem. When I created the account in Outlook, the only folder listed is the Inbox. When I access my AIM Mail account on the web though, I have more folders: Inbox Drafts Sent Spam Trash Saved Mail How do I get Outlook to show these folders as well? I tried manually creating them, but Outlook just tells me this, "Unable to create the folder. Unable to create or navigate to the folder. You cannot create or navigate to subfolders of your Inbox when you have a non-empty Root Folder Path." Also, I thought whenever you sync an IMAP account for the first time, it automatically makes changes in your email program to reflect all changes in your actual account online (folders, emails, etc.)?
  2. The MCE remote can only learn one key on its programmable button. I read the instructions or FAQ for autoit and it looks like you have to be a programmer to write these scripts for it. I'm no programmer. Why did you need to know the title of the window?
  3. The title of the main program (found in the top left of its window) is: Plus! Alarm Clock The title in the little popup window that shows when the alarm goes off is: Plus! Alarm Clock The "Image Name" in the task manager's list of processes is: AlarmClock.exe
  4. Looks like you have to be a programmer to write those things. I'm no programmer so that won't work for me.
  5. Hehe, I like to give myself a grace period of 10 minutes. Anyway, what is an autoit script, how do I make it and how would I program it to the remote? The remote can only learn codes from other remotes.
  6. Well, the idea is that, when the alarm first rings, I'm still in bed and all I have to do is hit the spacebar key (my Media Center Remote has a key on the keypad that emulates the keyboard's spacebar) on my Media Center Remote to activate the 10 minute snooze. Getting up to click on the snooze selection in the alarm popup is what I'm trying to avoid here. Also, getting up and hitting alt+tab would make no sense since I'd be at my keyboard to do that when all I have to do at that point is click on the snooze selection in the alarm popup (which is what I'm trying to avoid here).
  7. I'm using the alarm clock program that came with Microsoft's Plus! SuperPack. I have it set so that when I press the spacebar key, it snoozes. However, the problem is when the alarm goes off, pressing the spacebar key does nothing because the alarm popup is not in focus. I have to click on the alarm popup, then press the spacebar to activate snooze. Anyone know how to make the alarm pop stay in focus so I won't have to click on the alarm popup to be able to press the spacebar to activate snooze?
  8. I have a 150GB Raptor, a 160GB IDE WD in an external firewire enclosure and a 40GB IDE Toshiba in a USB 2.0 external enclosure. I do it manually because I don't like having to wait for Windows to finish checking the external drives, since I have to restart it anyways for the check to be done on my primary drive (the 150GB Raptor). Doing it manually, I can just set all of them to be checked, restart and then it scans them all without me having to restart after the external hard drives are done. The idea is that I can leave and when I get back, checkdisk will be done scanning them all. That is how it works, BUT since it seems to scan all of them twice (even with no errors detected after the first scans), it takes up around 3 to 4 hours sometimes for the whole process to finish.
  9. It doesn't restart. I'm doing this on a freshly zero-filled 150GB Raptor with a fresh install of Windows XP Pro..
  10. I'm running Windows XP Pro.. Whenever I run check disk, I do it by opening the run command in the start menu and then typing: chkdsk c:/f/r and then: chkdsk d:/f/r C is my primary hard drive and D is my external hard drive. The problem is, when I restart and then chkdsk starts, it runs and checks both drives, but after the second drive finishes, it scans them again. Anyone know how to keep chkdsk from checking each hard drive twice? Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. Please follow XP Forum Rules from now on. --Sonic
  11. I just got this Windows XP Media Center set from Newegg and I have 3 CD's. The 3rd CD says "Windows XP Media Center Updates for version 2005". Now during Windows' installation, will it ask for this 3rd CD or do I have to run the 3rd CD after Windows XP MCE is fully installed and running already?
  12. I'm interested in getting one of these keyboards (Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition): http://www.microsoft.com/products/info/pro...dd-25d1745a9734 Only problem is, I can't find any place that sells the IR receiver or the remote that supposedly comes with this IR receiver that the above keyboard needs. Anyone know where I can get this IR receiver? Thanks for any help.
  13. The thing is, all of the win51ip files have the same entry. They don't have a directory entry in them. They all just have the text "windows" in them.
  14. Just making sure. I'd rather add the tagfile and edit the txtsetup.sif file if needed. I want to make sure that it still doesn't ask for the 2nd CD AND that all the media center stuff works. Finally, I just got this Windows XP Media Center set from Newegg and I have 3 CD's. The 3rd CD says "Windows XP Media Center Updates for version 2005". I'd still like to know though: What exactly should be in the tagfile? What should the file's extension be? I opened WIN51, WIN51IP, and WIN51IP.SP2 with notepad and all of them had just the word "windows" in them. Also, in the txtsetup.sif all that needs to be changed are the "%cd2name%" to "%cd1" right? Sorry for being so repetitive. Just want everything to go smoothly.
  15. What exactly should be in the tagfile? What should the file's extension be? I opened WIN51, WIN51IP, and WIN51IP.SP2 with notepad and all of them had just the word "windows" in them.
  16. Ah ok. I like to sit and watch whenever I'm installing the OS on my PC. Cool, so I don't need the winnt.sif file. Do I still need to edit the txtsetup.sif file? I still do need to change all the "%cd2name%" to "%cd1" in txtsetup.sif right?
  17. Ok, I'm still confused. First off, I dont' have a "Winnt.sif" file. I searched the folder with all my MCE files in it (copied the CD1 and 2 to this folder) and "Winnt.sif" is not there. Second. Do I NLite the contents CD1 first and then copy the contents of CD2 to the directory I put the contents CD1 in or do I copy the contents of CD2 into the directory I copied the contents of CD1 in first and then NLite? Finally, after all the copying and NLiting is done, what exactly do I have to do to this "Winnt.sif" file if I ever find it?
  18. Yeah, as soon as I finished assembling it and found that it would post, I insalled the latest BIOS. I have everything set to "failsafe" defaults. My CPU is in the list of compatible CPUs.
  19. I'm using the ICE heatpipe that came with the Shuttle as it cools better than the stock Celeron D heatsink. As soon as I get a chance, I'll install Prime95 and MBM Lite to check the temps, voltages and fan speeds. The reason I asked about the thermal paste thing is that I may have applied too much Arctic Silver 5.
  20. These are all the components I put in the ST62K: INTEL CELERON D 345 3.06GHZ W/256KB CACHE 533MHZ 478-PIN RETAIL BOXED W/COOLING FAN http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=BA21471 KINGSTON KVR400X64C3AK2/1G 2X512MB (MATCH PAIR) PC3200 400MHZ CL3 (3-3-3) DDR DIMM http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=BA19405 WD 80GB WD800JB EIDE UATA 66-100 8.9MS 7200RPM 8MB (Bare drive) http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=AA17640 LINKSYS WIRELESS-G WMP54GS 802.11G WIRELESS PCI ADAPTER W/SPEEDBOOSTER http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=3420198 NEC ND3520 DVD+-R/RW burner http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=AA35710 Could these random reboot problems be caused by incorrect application of thermal compound on the CPU?

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