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  1. The Blue Screen is caused due to the VPN Client period. It's not supported. Install it after you've completed the RIS and you'll be fine.
  2. I would say that not all the fixes where slipstreamed correctly. If they where then they would not be asked for again.
  3. I never had much sucess with the RyanVM Pack and the machines I use. Instead I use the drivers for the machine and make a seperate sif for each model and include the drivers in the OemPnpDriversPath instead and I have no issues. Only issue with a driver I had was ith a broadcom and there is plenty of help online to fix the driver error on that one.
  4. Agreed. There is nothing you can do that will stop someone from copying the contecnts of your CD. If there was Microsoft would be richer!
  5. I am not sure if you can do this on CD as there is no OS Chooser that the RIS uses. If this is possible I would like to know as well as I make backup copies for remote users.
  6. Multiple sif's for one image As soon as I saw it I thought why didn't I try that first! I have 10 builds now working with one Ris Image just like this. If you need further help let me know
  7. LOL. No sooner had I posted this question the next google search I found my answer. I now have multiple sif files in the template folder and I have changed the OemPnpDriversPath to the specific machine and changed Description under the [OSChooser] to the name of the Specific PC Model such as Dell 745 or Dell 620. Voila I get a prompt for which hardware I want to install on!
  8. I have one RIS image that works beautifully on the Dell Optiplex 745 which was the model we where buying from Dell. Now it is the EOL and the new Optiplex 755 is on it's way. What I am wanting to try to do is have one flat image that I can point to multiple sif files which will cover all the models I have in the building. This will include all laptops and desktops which I have about 5 models. Is this possible and how? Your help as always is much appreciated.
  9. scott6191, I have just changed the way I do drivers. My OemPnpDriversPath was getting too long and some drivers where not loading. I now use nlite and slipstream the drivers into the OS CD and used that CD to make an image. As for what version of chipset driver I use...it depends on the model. Each model does not have the same chipset so I cannot use the same driver. I have the drivers for each machine loaded into the image and it works without a hitch. Perhaps I am doing it wrong this way...but it works. Only issue I have is the sound driver. It's an exe and I have not quite figured out how to load them as the inf's do not work like the other drivers.
  10. Thanks Cancerface. I have been trying to find it to save it as a fav so if I ever loose it.
  11. I name all my PC's on the network to the Dell Service Tag, and when I turned to RIS I found that to acheive this was rather difficult to automate. There where a few threads that explained how to pull it out using WMI or something that was hard to follow and implement. I found an easy method that I thought I would share. If this has been shared in the past please forgive me as I have not been able to find it. My first RunOnceEx.cmd only responsibility it to rename the PC, import a second RunOnceEx.cmd, and reboot. Here is the Code: @echo off SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Customize Computer Build" /f REG ADD %KEY%01 /VE /D "Rename PC to Dell Service Tag" /f REG ADD %KEY%01 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\apps\rename\compname.exe /c ?s" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /VE /D "Setup Step Two" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\apps\step2.cmd" /f REG ADD %KEY%03 /VE /D "Reboot PC" /f REG ADD %KEY%03 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\apps\reboot.cmd" /f EXIT In my $oem$\$1\apps folder I placed a rename folder with a program called compname.exe. Simply put /c ?s changes the name of the PC to the System Serial Number, which in Dell's Case is the Service Tag. When my PC runs this and reboots I have a PC named ready to load apps in phase two and then join the domain using netdom.exe For those who may need it I will attatch the compname.exe as I cannot remember where I found it, but it is freeware. compname.zip
  12. I am sorry to say there is NO WAY that your winnt.sif is 384mb in size. It should be more like 2-3kb in size. Go over this part of the tutorial again and recreate our winntsif Creating a Basic Unattended Setup
  13. Change all the Off to off as it almost looks like they are Zeros, other then that it looks just like mine and mine works. As for the [Display] issue try something like this [Display] BitsPerPel=32 XResolution=1024 YResolution=768 VRefresh=75 AutoConfirm=1
  14. I made one edit on my autologin.reg and the issue went away. I added: "ForceAutoLogon"="1" Many documents state that XP does not need this line...but it seems to have fixed my issues. Thoughts anyone?
  15. @dj_mix Arie is 100% correct. Use the 000 numbering scheme and all your installs will go in order as you want.
  16. I added this line to my OemPnpDriversPath Drivers\DellModel\Chipset Then I uncompressed the drivers into %OEM%$1\Drivers\DellModel\Chipset I have no problems with this with my Dell PC's. Even easier I slipstreamed the drivers to all my dells to a XP CD Image using nLite and then made my RIS Image and the delpoy was even easier.
  17. The only way I have been able to autologon is to remove the app installs. As soon as I add them the autologon stops working. It appears as if the reg files does not import as the they do not appear in regedit.
  18. mmarable - I have taken your suggestion and have tried applying it a few different ways and I cannot get the machine to autologon as described at Add user and Autologon. I have added this Useraccounts.cmd: net user Admin RISdeploy /add net localgroup Administrators Admin /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg EXIT With this Autologon.cmd file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="Admin" "DefaultPassword"="RISdeploy" "AutoAdminLogon"="1" And I have added the Usersaccount.cmd to the [COMMAND] area of my sif, which did not work, and I have tried calling it up from my RunOnceEx prior to reboot. I still am prompted for a password for Admin and the script runs but does not join the domain. What as I doing wrong? P.S. RISdeploy is not my password I use I changed it for security purposes!
  19. You could do something like what I am doing. First build a machine off the network. Take the join domain part of the sif out and build a standalone machine. Install all applications that you need. Use netdom.exe and a simple script like so: netdom join %computername% /d:domainname/userd:userid /passwordd:password and reboot Now your machine is on the domain and all apps are installed without asking for a ok to your disclaimer
  20. Thanks mmarable for the pointers. I will give it a shot right now. I thought that the sif was only used for the inital boot, but I saw another guy that was booting many times with it and I thought that was the answer that I have been beating my head against the wall for two weeks now and getting nowhere. I will post what I find as soon as I have it tested.
  21. I had one of these laptops too and there is NO PXE boot option for the onboard Intel 10/100 NIC. Instead I built a Unattended CD with the same options as my RIS Image and deployed it that way. That lasted til I purchased a new laptop and retired the poor old EVO.
  22. Thanks mmarable for letting me know that it is possible. Now could ou take it a step further and explain it to me how to acheive this. How do you automate the login and call up a secone script. When I add an extra login in my risndrd.sif using the AutoLogonCount under GuiUnattended the script I call up will not run. Perhaps I am calling the second script wrong...but it works if I login manually.
  23. I have my RIS Image working well, but I have one step I just cannot seem to automate. After the OS Image is pushed to the new PC I run a RunOnceEx that renames my Dell PC to it's service tag and installs a few apps and then reboots. What I need it to do after the reboot is auto login and run a second RunOnceEx Script that will jpin the PC to the domain as the new PC Name. The issue I am coming across is I have to login as admin to run the second script...or if I get the machine to autologin it will not un the script. Anyone know how to autologin and run a second script?
  24. @hazard_abio Uhhh that's what I am doing. Installing everything trying to reboot and autologin and join the domain. After the reboot I am having the issue. I can autologin no problem but the script does not run...or I have to enter the password of the admin account and the script run and joins the domain. As for your reply to the issue...it gets me nowhere.
  25. First off, thanks to those who have helped in the past and continue to in the future. I have learned more then I ever though I would from the many posted discussions here. My issue I hope is a simple solution. I have a Windows 2003 RC2 Server w/ SP2 running WDS/RIS without issue. When the time comes it runs the RunOnceEx script and all my software is installed without a hiccup. Now comes the issue. The inital build does not join the PC to a domain caues I run a compname.exe within the RunOnceEx to rename my Dell PC's to the Service Tag for it's unique name on the network. Once renamed the PC must be rebooted for the name to take effect. I call the Initial RunOnceEx to run a cmd file to run another instance of RunOnceEx to start then reboot. Now that mechine does not autologin to run the RunOnceEx...I have to login with the administrators password and it runs. So I though I would increase the AutoLogonCount = 1 to 2 or more and it would autologin and continue. No go. It logins in automatically but does not launch the runonce. If I put the setting back to 1 I have to login, but the script runs and the computer is added o the domain. Anyone have a suggestion how I can correct this?

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