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  1. Nevermind. Found that in order to install SRP1v2 I must have SP4 already installed. I'm trying to follow your step-by-step guide right now. Thank you again.
  2. Thanks for your answer @blackwingcat What about the regular Service Pack 4? Do I need to install it aswell or may I stick with your guidelines and install just the SRP1v2 ?
  3. Yeah, the Application and Programs in Control Panel is broken indeed. Starting with exKernel v22, I have multiple issues with the system, e.g. I can't see the network connections, etc. Can you please tell me the step-by-step proccess of how to get the latest exKernel working correctly? - Install win2k - Install win2ksp4 - Install Windows Installer 3.0 - Install IE6.0SP1 - Install IE6.0SP1-Commulative Updates What else need I to install/update BEFORE exkernel v28 installation? Thank you!
  4. Hey @blackwingcat First things first: thank you for making it possible to extend the windows 2000's kernel. I need to ask you for a word of advice: What do you recommend to be the order to install your EXKernel versions? I've installed it by random order v5, v7, v18, v22 but when I installed v29 it broke my system and complained about mscvcp60.dll, so I downloaded it and put it on system32, then I was able to use the system but it was all messed up, like I could not access the Network Connections in Control Panel and Active Desktop features were also messed up, so I'm thin
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