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  1. does anyone know some alternatives? Burp Suite was mentioned before, but it still gave an error on TLS1.1-TLS1.2 pages, and i found no related option that fixed it, either in the proxy settings or sll tab in project settings. plus it seems really slow and seems like the window always needs to be open for it to work.
  2. i would need it for an XP without service pack 2 or 3. but ive seen many people in this thread who seem to use windows 98 SE, like Mathwiz, jumper, rloew. is there any older version which supports TLS 1.1 and would work, like proxHTTPSproxy (without MII)?
  3. so i guess there isn't a (older) version of either program which doesn't require service pack 2 or 3, and still has TLS 1.1 support at least? or any other similar program like that?
  4. okay, but it gave a virus error, not a "security reason" error. anyway, ProxHTTPSProxy gives an 'entry point of DecodePointer not found in KERNEL32.DLL' error. so im assuming it would need a newer xp service pack. but then, i see some people here have "98SE" as their OS, so i wonder how that works
  5. i downloaded the suite, and couldn't even send to myself, since gmail detects it as a virus. no offense, but why is all this so shady? the base version is only sent through PMs, in a randomized named rar, with a randomized password, on a rather uncomfortable file upload site full of ads, the suite is on a german site only accessible from the newest browsers, file has a randomized password and is detected as a virus. i'm not saying any of this is malicious, but its pretty uncomfortable for programs which supposedly control all your internet traffic.
  6. you are right, the files were all there, but they were all 0 bytes. maybe it will work now. or should i rather use the suite version?
  7. is there a win32 compatible version of any of them? every exe gives the "not Win32 application" error

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