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  1. So, for the curious, XP to XP file transfer performance over the same physical conditions as the above test of 98SE to XP file transfer performance showed a significant (>50%) boost in performance. That test clocked in at 948 Kbytes/sec (7.4 mbps). That got me closer to the USB 1.1 theoretical limit, but I have a feeling that WiFi latencies are what are holding me back. If anyone actually still cares and responds to this post, I will perform the same two tests (XP to XP and 98SE to XP transfers) strictly over the wired LAN to see what improvements might be had there. So, since it seems
  2. So not sure if you made any progress here. Problem is when you inject "WiFi" into the picture, so many variables come into play that it's really hard to give good advice, other than generically to ensure that you don't have lots of competition on your chosen WiFi channel either from neighboring devices or your own devices. Probably best to hook your Windows 7 machine into the LAN and do some tests there, to see if it's Windows 7 to 98SE as the problem or if it's the WiFi that's the problem. Just as an FYI, in a quick home test I was able to pull from a Windows XP VM running over WiFi a 150MB
  3. Wow. I do have to admit that I am very impressed with what everyone is able to accomplish. @MrMateczko: I had given up on trying to run 98SE on modern hardware a long time ago. I guess I never could justify purchasing new equipment for that purpose, but given that I had kept around so many old pieces of equipment for a long time, including some PCI graphics cards, I suppose I probably could have done it if I had been targeting it. Unfortunately, so much of that stuff has made its way to the landfill since then. HOWEVER, since I do make regular trips to the landfill and often see old 98/XP e
  4. So as many of you probably already know, this Javascript engine in Opera 12.02 has abysmal performance. In XP, I had installed Opera 20 (just had it laying around on my NAS) to compare with version 12.02, and the performance in the Chromium Javscript engine is vastly superior, even on this 500MHz Pentium III machine. I wonder if a Chromium-like optimized Javascript engine was ever built for the Win 9x platform. Will do some additional research after I finally shut off this poor slug :-)
  5. Hi, y'all. Drawn here because I couldn't bear to toss out this circa 2000 Dell laptop. And if you could just hear the Ensoniq General MIDI performance, you would know that it's worth keeping around :-) Looking forward to getting to know y'all more over the coming days!
  6. Just out of curiosity, are you guys using 98SE for functional work, or just toying around to see what's still possible? @dencorso You are making me feel old. It really doesn't feel like it's been that long. I even remembered to run "msinfo32" to get a machine report, although I forgot how to find how many MHz my CPU is actually trying to clock at on this machine. Might need third-party software for that. @MrMateczko Thank you for the kind words. You encouraged me to go check out Opera again, as my first attempt turned out to be a dismal failure. Turns
  7. Why do I feel the need to submit my test results from https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html to demonstrate that roytam1's Retrozilla actually supports TLS 1.2? Why am I struggling to create a JPEG file to give evidence of this fact on this Dell Pentium III Laptop with a scant 128MB? Why do I sort of want to hug the gentleman who previously stated I could make those security errors go away by rolling back to KernelEx 2016.16? And, most importantly...how is it that I am able to submit this post near the end of 2018 on an operating system that hasn't been supported for so long, I'm
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