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  1. Oh... damn, well that really bums me out. im "not" going to get a new computer with windows 7+ ...just to play only 1 single game. I tried asking the author if there was any sort of "compatibility" options or anything like that with this "game maker studio 2" for compiling the program...that he used on the new version of mega maker...over the previous studio 1.4 ...which was used on all previous versions of Mega Man Maker ..and worked fine with XP before...but never got a response back.
  2. So uhh, there's no hope in being able to run mega maker 1.5 on the wined3d or the dxvk ?? to Ucyborg or someguy25
  3. Sorry to post in a old thread but. what about "mega maker" ? It was just updated yesterday Mach 26, 2019 to 1.5 ...and apparently the developer used Game Maker Studio 2 now ...instead of Studio 1.4 .. which studio 2 "i think" was only directX 11 based.. So of course now mega maker just goes "not a valid win32 application" ...the previous version of mega maker worked perfectly 100% fine on windows xp cause of the last studio thing, and after installing the TLS 1.2 thing which makes online stuff work fine now. So does that drectx 11 hack the OP of this topic mentioned, would work with the Mega Maker 1.5 ?? or the thing IntMD said in his post download link from the homepage: https://megamanmaker.com/ the author mentioned about it not using directX 9 files here :| https://megamanmaker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7710#p71321
  4. Hi again, I'm back.. It's past March 15, and i just wanted to update my situation about the slack and firefox. it seems i can use it just fine -- and i did not download any plugins or stuff yet still.. but. I found an article on a website that mentioned you can change your User Agent in something called "responsive design" which is in firefox natively Tools => Web Developer => Responsive Design and the box is at the top of the screen So i google "my user agent" which says Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0 Slack starts with that 'were sorry browser not supported, upgrade now" ...so i change the two 47.0's to 60.0 ...then click the X button in the top left corner of the screen, and slack loads normally and works fine now. So i'm doing that, but occasionaly it still resets back showing that upgrade page...so then i have to open the response design tool, and paste in the 60.0 hack again...then it loads just fine.. I dont know how often or when it happens, i think the page refreshes itself once a day or something, i dont know. it's no big deal really, so hopefully this does NOT actually get patched and this trick continues to work for the foreseeable future. i did not actually do the "about config" mentioned in the 1st post of this thread, instead i did "responsive design" which applies only to just 1 selected site. cause i dont know if the about:config thing applies to all websites globally, i only needed for just slack only, nothing else.
  5. Dang, i really hope it'll work. I don't have any other place to talk to them at. (theres a gaming project there)
  6. Hello, I have not done the spoofing thing for firefox yet, but i want to ask... I use "slack" in firefox to talk to people with, because the actual slack program itself is only for windows 7 and above, but works fine in firefox. But today i just got this notification linking to this page saying it's not going to work anymore starting on March 15. https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/115002037526 Im currently on firefox 47 -- and it says on that page it needs version 60 after March :| Is this spoofing trick going to work for it by any chance ?? I'll find out on March 15, but i wanted to ask in advance early.
  7. Okay i've done that now, mathwiz and heinoganda. And MegaMan Maker is still working fine after doing so. (the online gameplay)
  8. Wow it all actually worked. Im glad. I did this in order (after mathwiz's reply, but before heinoganda mentioned not needing 1 of the updates) installed windows installer 4.5, did the registry hack to make windows update see PosReady -- installed the the 3 updates mathwiz said in that oder --- added that registry hack heinoganda said (saw it in a different topic-post here -- and it worked. websites display properly in IE now. well a couple other places like wikipedia are still "page cant be displayed" but that's fine, i don't mind that. More importantly though ..this TLS 1.1 and 1.2 somehow got the game "mega man maker" to actually connect online now too which made me more happy. It wasn't designed for windows xp understandably, "only" it's online connectivity didn't work at all. I noticed in Process Explorer, "schannel.dll" was loaded into the program. So that must be why it now works and will play online normally now.
  9. Okay, i've sent a message to him and ..i think i'd be more interesting in taking a update because i looked around here after you mentioned "proxhttpsproxy" and that looks way too overly complicated ...having to downloading addition prorgrams like python or openssl ...having to setup proxy IP addresses and ...it's way too much for me to comprehend when all im interested in is just only getting a couple sites "here and there" viewing properly. I think a regular update (hopefully not too confusing) would probably be way more painless and simple to deal with. Assuming it would add an option(s) to the IE Setting's Advanced column. I did try looking at some other forum topics on this board...and i've seen at least 4 different kb[number] updates related to this and i just dont know which one(s) is right.
  10. Hello, i'm hoping to get a little help reguarding viewing of just a few websites in Internet Explorer 8. First of all, i've spent a couple hours reading through many topics here such as https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/ Or some others related to TLS and im totally just lost at what to do or what specific update i must install. I would like to view just only a couple sites properly like https://mobile.twitter.com - or yahoo mail for example yahoo worked just fine until only a few months ago where it's just only "page cant be displayed" - while mobile twitter works ..but the images are always broken squares. - If i manually get the link of an image for example, and paste it in the browser by deleteing the "s" in https ...the image loads. otherwise ...page cant be displayed ..hence why most of twitter looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/ikhrNzU.png Please forgive my complete newbie-ness here. This is the first time i've ever looked at this forum before, and i dont know if my issue is reguarding the "root certficates" stuff ...if it's because it needs TLS 1.1 and 1.2 ...if im supposed to get 1 very specific "posready 2009" thing or something...im just all confused. I'm on windows xp pro, SP 3 - not the embedded whatever thing Bottom line is wondering if it's possible for some websites like "mobile" twitter to be viewed properly in IE 8 "today", i dont need "everything" supported. I know youtube doesn't work anymore ... viewing most things works (just not videos) ..so i go to firefox for that.
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