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  1. Does Office 2010 update KB4462223, which seems to be part of April 9 updates, last modified March 19th, cause problems for Excel and Word as someone earlier stated? And all the earlier talk about KB4494528 breaking Windows Installer unless it's followed by regsvr32 MSI.DLL, is that automatically taken care of by this update which was also included in automatic updates? Thanks, everyone.
  2. Thanks. My computer is only 7 years old, and the CPU does indeed support SSE2, PAE and NX. So, that's not the issue.
  3. (Thanks to everyone for this thread and this forum! Been invaluable.) My XP/Posready-patched system has been running smoothly for years. I applied the August round of Windows updates (except the earlier KB4134651) 9 days ago. Today, I blue screened at a random-seeming moment with a STOP 0x50 (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, read) in win32k.sys (last modified date 6/15/18). (One up the call chain is ntoskrnl, last mod 5/20/18) Coincidence? Sure, maybe my hardware just started failing today. But it's suspicious timing. Faulty update? I see that the win32k.sys updated happened via KB4339854 in July (patch for CVE-2018-8282), which I installed one month ago. I'm tempted to uninstall that one. Anyway, just FYI, and wondering if anyone else is seeing recent crashes. Thanks, all!
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