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  1. I remember about 10 years ago i read about it and now i totally forgot. I was thinking today about this and did not remeber. I do not have 144Hz monitor so i can not test solutions that i read today in internet. So...


    Many years ago nvidia drivers have check-mark "Treat as HDTV", which  can be unpicked. But it no longer there perhaps it hidden and needed some reg file to be activated, nvidia did such tricks long time ago with hidden options in drivers. Also i am not sure that would help.

    So my idea that you can create an alternative driver for your monitor using 2 methods:

    1) Program Monitor Asset Manager (MonInfo) - "App can both read and write data in number of formats. It can also generate INF files, which can be used as custom monitor driver." I assume you can edit that .inf file to add needed refresh rates.


    2) Method that i found on some old google cache text:


    We make a display driver (.inf file) with Rivatuner v2.24 and to the column  [Mon.AddReg] add or change the line  HKR,"MODES\1920,1080",Mode1,,"157-170,120-160,+,+".
    We put in manual mode and veil of 144 Hz in the list of supported.

    I'm sorry i did not find anything else. Only that.

  2. On 11/30/2022 at 9:35 PM, legacyfan said:

    I Have An Old Pentium M I Recently Saved From An Old D600

    Well i assume you talk about Dell notebook. I think this model was with Banias Pentium M.

    There should be no problem with windows XP and Pentium M combination - that notebooks was shipped with windows XP. In some cases there was second generation Pentium M CPU in Dell D600 - with 2MB L2 cache, code name Dothan. On motherboards with 533 FSB support they can be overclocked above 2Ghz and be really fast. As far as i remember some desktop motherboards from DFI and A-Open was available, back then, for mobile socket 479. What motherboard and CPU exactly you planning to use? There can be really cool overclock variants in case of Dothan.

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  3. 7 hours ago, j7n said:

    The Assets show me an eternal spinner too.

    Naturally, cause you don't have Palefill installed.:lol: And it will stop spin and show itself when it will be installed. Crazy-house, i know. I get link to it using 360 Extreme Explorer.

    7 hours ago, j7n said:

    Can you explain in a couple sentences what a "polyfill" is?

    Well it is a thing that execute some scripts in Pale Moon\New Moon until (and if) Pale Moon team have its own "Web Components" working. 


    Here is the file itself:


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  4. 3 hours ago, anton12 said:

    for me the website you want to render is certainly not
    completely unusable,but since I can't read Russian
    I have to refrain from any judgement about the quality of the rendering.

    Apparently you also can not read Ukrainian, because on screenshot everything is on Ukrainian language.:)

    Also i don't understand the meaning of your post and photo. This is your Asus computer on photo? Or you manage Rozetka to work properly with New Moon?


    palefill@addons.martoks-place.de.xpi(palefill-1.20 ING)

    Did i miss something? Is this now must have for Pale\New Moon ? I install it and rozetka still glitch the same.

    This is how i view Rozetka now:



  5. I want to report with sudden problem that i met on https://www.huffpost.com/  with Serpent and New Moon. Many articles there took many minutes to open and it took 100% of CPU time for like 5-6 min.

    Examples that i found today:



        Both articles open like i describe it. Before for many years Huff work correctly on this browsers.

    So what's going on? IS it browsers problem or creators of huffpost make some BS changes to site?




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  6. On 8/10/2022 at 7:16 PM, D.Draker said:

    All my life I knew the russians were terrible (can't use stronger words due to the website policy), 

    I always knew who they really are, partly from the stories from my relativers who fought them in WW2, but most importantly , 

    I always felt it with my heart and now when they proved it for 100 centuries ahead , 

    Thank you, man. Nothing but 100% respect to you. :thumbup

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  7. 8 hours ago, Mov AX, 0xDEAD said:

    There is no free space in thread context to store all x64 AVX registers, no easy way to make it same as x32 version.

    Perhaps i am not educated about this topic at all. I just ask about first AVX, not AVX2, not AVX512

    You early write on win-raid:


    P.S. WinXP x64 kernel has different FPU context format, but i think it is possible to do same trick, but i'm not interested

    P.S.S Don't ask for AVX512, there is no free space in FPU context to store additional 16*AVX512_H(256bit) regs.

    SO i ask does it possible to do AVX1 for XP64, or you are steel "not interested".:unsure:

  8. On 4/6/2022 at 1:22 PM, Mov AX, 0xDEAD said:

    Modded AVX/AVX2 kernel
    Currently Proof-Of-Concept, only one kernel version supported LINK

    Link not working. Also did it work now with XP-64 recently? I remember you, for some reason, didn't want to do version for XP64. But can you, please, do it?

    On 4/6/2022 at 1:22 PM, Mov AX, 0xDEAD said:

    3) WinXPPAE(v2+) by Daniel_k, contains proper HAL_DMA patch, kernel patch is OK

    And where is link on this? I couldn't find it in google.

  9. 22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    "left pipe-dream" 

    Jesus Christ , we've got ourselves another leftist.

    From American view - yes i am far left. From European view i am centrist. In reality i am not playing in that games, anglo-saxonian divide on left and right is a debate which end of an egg a person cracks first. It is artificially invented divide only present in some Western countries, rest of the world are not live in such a political divide because it is pointless. If USA change constitution to multi-party system then both ruling parties will be toppled in a matter of decades - just look at the France or Italy as example of that.

    22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    This website is politics free , did you know ?

    OMG, why YOU bring politics here, i was talking about ideologies not a political party's.

    22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    I think you need to read more

    This is offencive to say to other person who you don't know at all.

    22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    2009 has nothing to do with Republicans , it is the second Obama year .

    How it can be his second year if his first inauguration was January 20, 2009? That is rhetorical question, you may not answer.

    22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    So you just wrote that Obama broke the internet , I'm fine with that ,

    Actually Obama tried to do something positive about Net Freedom, he create net neutrality rules that was enacted during the Obama Administration. Eventually net neutrality rules were killed under Trump as soon as he get power - in 2017. Which proves my point that right-wingers killed Golden Age of internet.

    It is symbolic that it was done by Obama appointee FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, which proves my next point that Obama are not "left wing comrade". He is right-winger, just different sort of it.

    22 hours ago, D.Draker said:

    And Obama is a democrat (officially).

    President Barack Obama, - a massive right-winger, who by his own words is Quote: "In A Lot of Ways Richard Nixon Was More Liberal Than I Was". And it is true, he is not lying. He is so massively right-wing stubborn aristocratic politician that it is a mind-blowing.

    I give you one argument to prove my point. Here is the map that show countries by availability of Universal Free Healthcare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Universal_Health_Care_july_2018.png

    As you can see USA is THE ONLY predominantly white populated country in the world who does not have it. As well as THE ONLY civilized\developed country who is not have it. All 53 European countries have it, but not USA. Barack Obama is AGAINST Universal Free Healthcare because he is dogmatic right-wing corporate politician. If he try to run anywhere in Europe with his stands against Universal Healthcare he would be ANNIHILATED and get 0.5% of vote. Nobody in developed world people would tolerate such a massive pro-corporate right winger. I don't know any precedent in Europe XXI century history when somebody in Europe run against Universal Free Healthcare and won elections. It is unheard of. Even in conservative Great Britain both parties is competing in elections ADs who will finance Government Run Medicine more. In BREXIT small brexit parties and movement as whole run on: "lets finance NHS more by getting out of EU!" Prove: https://www.neopr.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1.png

    So to any European person who don't watch garbage-bin-CNN but instead actually dig in in USA politics is clear, that since goofy Jimmy Carter USA never have actual left-winger. And Carter is really weirdo and barely left. The last actual left in USA was John Kennedy, he was killed by right-wing establishment. After that USA never actually have left politician in White House. When Bobby was about to win, he got killed to, after that, till modern era, nobody even try seriously.

  10. It's very important to ask - Who ended Good age of internet. People just afraid to answer on that question.

    The answer is simple: Totalitarian right-wingers merging with totalitarian forces.

    The internet was not invented by right-wing hacks from Wall-Street, it was not also invented by Jewish teenagers from Harvard.

    It was invented by smartest scientists as left pipe-dream of a international space where everyone is equal, and there is freedom and meritocracy. When internet was small and there was not enough market space there, it was not interesting for Wall Street and right-wingers. And that times was a golden-age of internet because it was untouched and left alone. But when it become big enough they notice it potential and quickly take over it. Now internet is totally different from, let say 2009. And i guess 2009 was year where everything become to change.

    In 2009 there where already first bells. I remember Nvidia released Gefocre GTX 250, which was GeForce GTX 9800+, a die-shrunk version of the GeForce GTX 9800, which was a slightly-overclocked  GeForce 8800 GTS. So they try re-sell one and the same card for FOUR time. After one internet site ring the alarm that it is a fraud and it is old product, Nvidia crack on that web-site and forbid give them new version of they product for reviews. Perfect right-wing values - you say truth and warn people and get punished for that. Nobody step down and protect journalists. Nothing. Silence. Crickets...

    Now when you see reviews of new products it is almost always glorious shiny reviews of "great ground braking products... bla-bla-bla". Take for example Geforce GTX 3xxx line which was nothing burger and the most Wrought generation after Fermi. Almost all reviewers going to crazy max in glorifying disastrous product. Or Intel which stuck on 14nm node for eternity because of incompetent greedy management. Several generations on 14nm was same stuff again and again just like  GTX 250, except at least GTX change tech nodes, and Intel did not. And yet arse-lickers was again and again: "revolutionary, revolutionary, groundbreaking bla-bla-bla".

    I recently was checking screens with RTX and without it. And i was like: "Wow this RTX is really make picture better!" And then i noticed that i mix-up screens and better picture was WITH-OUT RTX! Have you ever heard about it in commercial reviews by big sites? That RTX is heavily decrease frame-rate and make picture WORSE?!! I guess if you will write it you will be fired eventually because Nvidia will punish you! Will ever even one right-winger accept that and own it to they quadrant?

    When right-wingers first time since 2006 get all 3 branches of power you know what happen? YouTube Adpocalypse. You know why in February 2017? Because it was the first month when they fully grab the power in USA - nobody could stop them. So right after they grab the power they immediately crack down on any one who was not in they quadrant. You are centrist? You are non-right wing? You are not getting talking points? You are GOD-FORBID left? You god damn commie, why you wanna build the Gulags? What? You are social-democrat and want Universal Free Healthcare for America? No, you all just Stalinist and want build Gulag death-camps in Alaska! Demonetize! Shadowban! Ban! Algorithm change!

    Funny how series of Adpocalypses in Google started and followed during 4 years of you-know-who rule. Right? Right! Adpocalypses is modern analogue of purges in soviet eastern Europe. American left "comrades" celebrating social achievements in EU like Free Universal Healthcare and Maternity leave? Shadow ban, demonetization! Sorry, you God damn commie, we can not allow this - BAN! And behold - american left comrades not celebrating EU achievements anymore, because they banned! You can now go watch Steven Crowder, he is on right foot with YouTube, his talking points are fresh and people from YouTube on the line everyday with him.

    I can go on and on. But what the point? I think you get it. But one more:

    Why Google JavaScript now dominate so much? Becuase initially it designed to work slow on everything except Chrome. So you will use Chrome and while tracked by your Windows and Android you will get your information from one type of source - approved one by totalitarian forces. This is for control. Total control. Totalitarian control.

    The internet Golden Age ended because Totalitarian forces are at zenith of they power. They control almost everything. They control your computer, the fiber that goes in your house, the media, the government, the Planet.

    One thing they can't control yet is your conscience. But they working on that problem. Did you heard about Elon Musk Neuralink? As i say THEY WORKING ON IT and that boy on they team.

    We don't have much time and maybe we do not have time at all. Maybe we already lost and didn't noticed it yet. I don't know.

  11. 9 hours ago, we3fan said:

    This will probably not work, but - Will BIOS update make it support 4GB RAM?

    The main target of updating BIOS is supporting Core2 Duo. I'm not so sure about 4GB RAM. I remember that some notebooks from same era (and same chipset) did need BIOS update to support 4GB ram. Specifically Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi1546 was the same model as some Alienware notebook (just different logos, stickers and BIOS). So Fujitsu-Siemens BIOS was stuck at 2GB max, but updating to Alienware BIOS there was 4GB RAM unlocked possibility, which was comical.

    But  i see no evidence that BIOS update will bring you 4GB possibility. However it will unlock much faster 64-bit Core2Duo.

    I update BIOS on many things including: notebooks, All-in-One computers, motherboards, SSD, and even DVD-RAM drives! So my experience is telling me to save your current bios, so, maybe, you could return to it, if new bios will be worse to you. You can use bios saving and update programs, my favorite from that era is WinFlash 1.94 - i saved many old bioses (and returned to them) using that program. I don't know if it compatible to your notebook, cause it have AMI bios, you can Check Soggi's archive about updating bios on vintage systems.

    I found topic about your laptop: Official S96S Owners Lounge  as you can see on link not everyone like BIOS update, cause it make notebook more noisy (probably more aggressive fan settings, cause Core2Duo is more hot then it predecessor). I recommend to read that topic - maybe you will find something interesting. 

    9 hours ago, we3fan said:

    When I saw that the SSD speed on the HP laptop is much higher (especially the Read speed) I thought maybe I can try some drivers to improve the SSD speed on the Asus laptop.

    Even that you bring speed results in text which is hard for me to decode (i asked screens). It is obvious to me that ASUS laptop work with SSD in SATA-1 (150) mode, while HP Win7 laptop run in full speed in SATA-2 (300) mode. I have similar problems on my nForce 4 system which is also SATA-2 system, but in my case refuse to work with HDD in SATA-2 mode, even after i install native nvidia drivers. So i have NCQ, but not SATA-2. I never manage to solve this problem. Maybe in your BIOS there is a switch to SATA-2 mode? Maybe it will be after BIOS update?

    9 hours ago, we3fan said:

    Which driver do you suggest I try in order to improve the SSD speed on the Asus laptop?

    I suggest just install all drivers for your Intel motherboard in usual auto mode and not install them manually. Just run installation program and let it install automatically.

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  12. Ok, i must admit, i don't read most of topic, just first page.

    Because i am politically incorrect i will say what most people does not dare:  I AM ROOTING FOR GLOBAL WARMING.:w00t:

    Here is short list of why i am such a heathen:

    1) I like worm climate, i don't like cold European winters. Having Subtropics instead of continental climate is better.

    2) I tired care about people from other countries who don't give a flying f*ck about me\my people\my country\my region. I stop care about you, since you don't care about me.

    3) I am adult enough to realize that technical progress and Exhausting reserves of cheap carbon based fuels will eventually end mass burning of Oil, Methane and Coal. So, eventually problem will fix itself.

    4) More warm means more vapor in atmosphere = more rain. Rain + Warm = better crop yield. Better harvest = less hunger and more profit for country budget.

    Remind me Climate change was suppose to be bad, not good, then why i love climate and economical benefits from it? Better live in subtropics then in continental climate, believe me.

    Using Nuclear stations and Pumped-storage hydroelectricity is despised by "ecologists" despite it is anti global warming measures that gives many countries energy independence. Why should i hate it - i endorse it - it is logical to do. Whole History Nuclear Stations accidents kill about several thousands people. Cars kill in USA alone every year about 30.000 people. Should i remind you that most of such ecologist who demand stop nuclear energy is goofy, to say the least?

    I also noted interesting discussion here that modern vehicles is unreliable because of planned obsolescence and cars from past was more reliable. Yes, driving or reliable cars deserve respect. There is also many used reliable cars as Mercedes W124 with 4 speed auto and inline-6 diesel. Or first GEN Lexus IS200\300. If you find them in good condition. But you still can buy new and reliable Mitsubishi Pajero, for example, it is one of the most reliable SUV in production. As well as find many other used reliable Japanese SUV. Most modern cars are intolerable garbage, but there is still several "Last of the Mohicans" on market.

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  13. 17 hours ago, RainyShadow said:

    P.S. That girl is funny :buehehe::wub:

    Yeah, Shoe is great. I like Shoe. I intentionally put link with her as example, cause i hope some people learn about her. I usually do such things - put links with great stuff so people learn about cool things.

    Now i have another trouble, this time only with Serpent 55. On OLX.UA any thing that you find can not be opened in a separate page.

    Example: https://www.olx.ua/list/q-MSI-GX740/   You push on small account with notebook for sale and it tell you you have too old browser. This is only with 55 version. Can it be fixed?

  14. 2 hours ago, UCyborg said:

    List of Invidious instances

    Thank you, i choose third in the list - vid.puffyan.us  It works great for me, finally first time in many days i can enjoy invidious on my XP machine.:thumbup But i still think that problem of first in the list - yewtu.be should be investigated by roytam, because what if other iterations of invidious would start to act like that.

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  15. Hello, and happy new year to MSFN users!

    I have a question about New Moon and Serpent. I use NM28 (2021-08-13) and Serpent55 (2021-12-17). Now in both versions Invidious not working - videos not shown instead in NM is text: "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported". But in 360Chrome it works.

    Examle: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YGqCGD4uqVE

    And in Serpent55 even the ad picture of video not shown. Roytam, can it be fixed? Because several months ago Invidious was working in NM, but then Invidious several days was offline with text that they do changes and after that it's not working. And i usually use Invidious, cause YouTube is very slow in NM\Serpent and Invidious is blazing fast.

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  16. 2 hours ago, we3fan said:

    I wonder if installing a SATA driver or similar could improve my SSD speed on my current Asus XP laptop CPU (Core Duo T2500)?

    Yes it should, because NCQ can work then and performance in 4K Command Queuing will be possible. It is easy to measure with program AS SSD Benchmark which is freeware. Just measure before and after drivers are installed and make screenshots of both before and after and upoad it here.

    If you formatted your SSD under win XP it is not 4K formatted. It shows in AS SSD Benchmark too as green OK symbol if 4K alignment is correct. To achieve 4K alignment you need to format drive in win7 or later. Under windows XP you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard - which is great software. Talk to me in Personal Message if you wanna know where to get old good version for XP that i used, cause i am not sure if recent version works with XP. By the way, try to launch latest free version to check if it still work with XP.

    The other problem is that XP do not have TRIM command, so your SSD experience great Write amplification   To avoid that under XP there is program LC Technology Solid State Doctor v3.0.3.2. It have function auto-trim and manual trim of all empty space on SSD which is great because it stops Write amplification. If you want i can show you in PM where to get version because it is not present on official site anymore.


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  17. On 12/22/2021 at 9:31 PM, we3fan said:

    Now for the interesting part, let's see how much RAM it will detect out of 4GB.

    It will detect 3.2GB or ~3.5GB.

    You can install XP Integral Edition with PAE patch, or modify your own XP ISO by WinXP-IE Optional Patch Integrator, so your OS can see 4GB. You currently have 32 bit processor, so you can not install 64 bit OS.

    On 12/22/2021 at 9:31 PM, we3fan said:

    I will try to find and buy 1 more 2GB RAM stick, DDR2 2GB 667MHZ PC2-5300 SO-DIMM, hopefully decently priced, from Europe.

    Since you decided to upgrade your notebook i suggest you to update your BIOS so your notebook will support faster 64-bit Core 2 Duo. The fastest Core 2 Duo for your laptop is Core 2 Duo T7600 (2.33GHz/4MB). It is much faster CPU (compared to your T2500) and support XP-64 bit Edition. It is currenly on sale on ebay and aliexpress. But i advise to check first local sale boards and sites. Usually when i buy notebook memory i buy it used from local sellers because it is cheaper.

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