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  1. I spent quite a good time looking after a working solution for my XP SP2 installation. I just don't wanted to switch to SP3 for many reasons, and the adobe primetime plugin failed with each and every FF version and about:config tweaks I tried. I analysed crash logs without any success. Then I checked dependencies eme-adobe.dll plugins relies on. I noticed it need GetLogicalProcessorInformation function, which is a common issue with SP2 KERNEL32.DLL , who doesn't export this function, implemented with SP3. They said! Then I tried to get hold on a hotfix for Kernel32.dll close enough to SP3, and tadaaa! The QFE version of kernel32.dll, 5.1.2600.3119 (xpsp_sp2_qfe.070416-1259) provides GetLogicalProcessorInformation ! (don't ask me why, I guess this hotfix was compiled in the pre-SP3 era.) So, to make your tweak work on XP SP2, just install the QFE version of KB935839 hotfix: Download http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/6/b/c6babe1a-30f5-4f3e-a343-5167d9e2a914/WindowsXP-KB935839-x86-ENU.exe for english locale, or for french btw http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/c/1/bc1341a6-2a23-4eae-bb38-66f0cdde7af3/WindowsXP-KB935839-x86-FRA.exe Append /b:SP2QFE to the installer's command line to force the QFE version of the hotfix (as the GDR default version does NOT feature GetLogicalProcessorInformation), click OK, follow the hotfix installer, then reboot. It just works! It may be a good idea to archive these hotfixes, as many of them get harder to find every day while Microsoft purges XP's support.
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