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  1. For months I've been unable to successfully install updates (see attached [heavily compressed] screenshot). They're monthly roll-ups, so they render my laptop useless when applying whilst perpetually failing (15 mins trying to install after reboot, 15 mins reverting to login screen). I've tried the Windows update troubleshooter, which says it fixes "incorrect configuration" but will say that every time to no discernible benefit. I've tried manually installing from Microsoft's catalogue. SFC finds no corruption to fix; but there's one interesting thing I've spotted (see bodged path on below image for Teams, which installed itself in mid-August), but as you'll have seen I've had consistent failures since July:- I really don't want to have to refresh my PC and lose 5 years worth of configuration, but I'm at a complete loss. I don't know if there's any log I can post that goes into further detail to help pin-point exactly why my updates are failing and what course of action I need to take (FWIW it's mostly throwing up the error code 800F0922, but occasionally I get 80246013 & 8007045B). Whether I should system restore to June and see if I can get it working or whether I should just try running the W10 installation tool that apparently still upgrades and successfully activates older Win versions.
  2. I've noticed I'm getting an error in Event Viewer titled Security-SPP with Event ID 16385 every 30 seconds saying the following: Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at <time_stamp>. Error Code: 0x80070002. I'm using an OEM install of Windows 8.1 - no upgrades, IIRC this is the OS this laptop came with (Lenovo Y50-70). I've had a look online, and whilst I could find others with the same issue, there isn't an easy fix and many talk about importing the tasks within the SoftwareProtectionPlatform copied from other working Windows 8 systems. So far I've ensured that NETWORK SERVICE has full control in permissions for the C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\SoftwareProtectionPlatform folder. I've been able to open Task Scheduler OK (some mention it errors for them), but even with Show Hidden Tasks enabled, cannot find any tasks listed within the Microsoft\Windows\SoftwareProtectionPlatform folder. What's concerning me is this is apparently related to license authentication so I don't really want to mess about with things I know little about and then be left with activation problems. But at the same time it would be an absolute pain to reset my PC - especially just for a relentless Event Viewer error.
  3. Is your script fool-proof? I'd been using self-made batch files (thanks to the help of WinClient5270) of your monthly folders but bottled it when I read there were updates breaking/playing havoc with performance (by the looks of it June was the last month I done, sans KB4093227-v2 for some reason?). Thankfully I've now acquired a secondary HDD I can load with monthly backup images meaning I'm able to quickly revert if things go wrong. Can I just download the lot, change the directory and run that script and it'll install everything applicable (including the .NET updates + ignoring what I've already installed)?
  4. Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way to install the 8 month backlog of Server 2008 updates that can be applied to Vista (in my case the x86 versions) that are offered in the above thread's repository, namely a batch file or tool available that means I don't have to double click, OK and then restart at nearly every security update I manually install. Thanks.
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