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  1. I've used VMware Workstation 14, which uses UEFI class 2 since it's still using the legacy graphics driver
  2. I've just tried loading Vista Beta 1's EFI files in the shell, but it gives an "IA32 not supported by this x64 shell", maybe the Beta 1 was supporting Itanium's EFI instead of UEFI Also, it would make sense that 5384 supports UEFI since WinHEC 2006 was on May, I'll try it and see if that's true UPDATE: I've just installed Vista Build 5384 x64 using Windows 7's UEFI PE, and after replacing winload.efi, it boots! There's only "an error while editing boot entries", but it booted up in EFI mode!
  3. Yeah, not quite sure about that either. That's why I asked which exact build featured it first
  4. Is it possible to create user accounts (like in Windows OOBE) directly from Minisetup? There's only a step about the user and organization names, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm choosing Minisetup instead of Windows Welcome because it detects PnP devices before anything else. I'm also using it because I'm working on a project of making Windows XP on par with modern OSes in as many aspects as possible, and I need to sysprep it in order to capture it and install it from PE. PS: Found the user account creation dialog in syssetup.dll using ResHacker (Dialog 56 : 1033), but for some reason it never shows up on neither Windows XP nor Server 2k3
  5. I know the final versions didn't include EFI support until a later service pack, but apparently, it was "available in Windows Vista Beta 2 for test and development"
  6. Some say that it's from Beta 2, others say it's Beta 1. Can anyone tell me what was the first Vista build to ever support x64 (not Itanium) EFI boot?
  7. May I know which BSOD error code you are getting during the install?
  8. Hi. I've successfully installed both Windows 2000 and Windows XP x86 on my Kaby Lake laptop, at the cost of ACPI, USB and more.. However, when I try to boot the 64bit edition of Windows XP from a DVD, it goes directly to the F5 menu without pressing any key. In the menu, I can find "ACPI Uniprocessor PC", "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" and "Other", which requires a floppy drive. There's no such option as "Standard PC" like in the 32bit version. So I tried both of the ACPI options, they both give me a 0xA5 blue screen (BIOS not fully compliant with the ACPI specifications -since it's too recent-) I tried to press the F7 key when the setup says "Press F6", but it still redirects me to the F5 menu. I really need the XP x64 version to run so I can test an Intel HD Graphics I've recently modified, it gives a "platform" error on the 32bit version. My BIOS doesn't have any ACPI options, I've tried to change the AcpiOptions value in the txtsetup.sif file to 0, still no luck. Any idea on how to solve the problem?
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