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  1. Martin24

    No E-Mail Notifications?

    Thanks @UCyborg and @dencorso Now I could login and post again!
  2. Martin24

    Run GlassToasts (balloon notifications) in Windows 7?

    I just wanted to say that I made a mistake, the download link from aveapps does work: https://www.aveapps.com/glasstoast.zip I mixed them up, it's this link from the developers even older site that doesn't exist any longer: http://mpj.tomaatnet.nl/glasstoast.zip Source code also available here: https://www.aveapps.com/GlassToastFiles.zip @UCyborg If no one else knows how to do it, I'm very grateful for your help even if it takes a long time before you can look at it, there's absolutely no hurry.
  3. I have found the program GlassToasts https://www.aveapps.com/glasstoasts.html The program can't be downloaded from that site any longer but can be downloaded from Softpedia https://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/GlassToasts.shtml The problem is that it only works in Windows Vista and XP. I wonder if someone has the knowledge to modify it so it works in Windows 7 also? The original developer has released the source code at Github https://github.com/AndreasVerhoeven/GlassToasts
  4. Now it looks exactly as I want it to. Thanks so very much for your fast help! Also a big thanks to Big Muscle (Aero Glass), Sagorpirbd (Theme) and JoshuaVL1988 (Atlas) for making Windows 10 look great again in comparison to the very ugly original look of Windows 10.
  5. Thank you very much for your help. I'm using Sagorpirbd Aero 7 Clear theme https://sagorpirbd.deviantart.com/art/Aero-7-Themes-for-Win10-Final-523979941 If you could add the part that changes text alignment for ribbon windows into the Aero 7 Clear theme and put it out here I would be very grateful.
  6. I wonder how do I make the title bar text centered as in UCyborg screen shots above? I'm using theme atlas Win7BlackSq from JoshuaVL1988 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/?do=findComment&comment=1148371