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  1. I want to view Youtube on Athlon XP, like 10 years ago, but I can't ! PM27 very very slow, 1fps.
  2. dxdiag say all ok, windows 7 graphic index more than 3.5 (cpu 2.9). 720/30p in MPC very smooth. 100mbit/s. May be I can make some debug ?
  3. I try your build of K-Meleon, it is slow as hell too, like palemoon 27. Single page rendered 5 minits and can't scroll at all. p.s. I remember how fast was browsing in 2008 on this setup win W7 and first version of chrome and firefox 3.5.
  4. May be you can add Lav to 26 ? It is more actual for old machines that 27.
  5. Is there any version with LAV codecs ? Why 27 so slow, compared to 26 ? More than 20-100x slower.
  6. Why not ? Palemoon 26 work fast, 720/30p video on 1080p monitor is smooth on CPU only via lav codecs/MPC. I have 2gb of Ram, 1gb always free.
  7. I try 32bit noSSE palemoon on Athlon XP /Windows 7. It is so slow, no, it is very very very slow. I can wait for 1 minute before this board has been loaded, and i'm unable to scroll it, it freezes. basilisk/moebius not start at all. Can you make 26.5.0 build with no-sse and Lav codecs support ? Current 26 work ok, but there is no lav codec support out of the box, so no way to browse youtube.
  8. Can explain in every build, is it for SSE2 or SSE only ? I still need SSE version with LAV codecs.
  9. If there is no build for AthlonXP with SSE only, can I use LAV codecs in 26.5.0 SSE build ? Or there no way to use it because there is no code in palemoon?
  10. Can anobody make ? It's no way to add LAV to original Palemoon ?
  11. Is there any build only with SSE, without SSE2, for CPU's like AthlonXP, with LAV codec ? I currentry use 3dsparty SSE version 26.5.0 from official site, but there is seems no LAV codecs support for HTML5 video, even if I copy these dll from first post.
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