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  1. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Yes it is ridiculous, especially when using the other modes, it's very uncomfortable even on screens running 1366x768.
  2. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Just throwing in my complaints. 1. DirectX and Nvidia drivers don't play well with each other, causing high DPC Latency, this issue was in Win 8 as well and affects even people with High End systems. The negative side effect of this is sluggish response from the system, causing audio stutters, sometimes making videos sound like a sound effect used in The Matrix. 2. No Windows Classic Shell. Seriously some people love the old Windows 9X look, myself included and I work in the Graphics Industry. I'd take it over the current look any day. 3. Windows Update...It always breaks, making me jump through hoops to get it working again. When it does work, it installs crap I don't want. 4. Windows Store, installs random crapware without my permission, uninstalled apps sometimes reappear. I don't even want Windows Store at all, will never buy anything from there. 5. XBox. I'm a gamer, but only on PC and only play games from Steam, GoG or Itch.io, i'll never buy a console. I don't want it on my workstation and even then it causes issues with game performance with it's crappy capture service. 6. Settings screens, whoever the UX designer was and their director was and those that signed off on the idea should be slapped. There is nothing wrong with the old control panel, I've managed to use it since my preteens in the 90's without hassle. 7. Accessing camera's, microphones, folders, personal information. No, just no, I don't trust it at all and refuse to ever accept it, no matter what their excuse. 8. UI customization has never felt this limited, can't scale the borders, can't change the font, colors etc easily. Have to resort to third party hacks. 9. The Apps, all terrible, only the Calculator is ever in use on my side, everything else has been replaced with Third Party tools. All of it makes me think of some bad Javascript based app made with Electron with minimal features. 10. I have to waste my time jumping through hoops to remove all this crap, disable components & services, change registry keys, downloading third party software, only to still sit with a bloated POS/OS that can't even run new hardware properly. Even Vista does a better job as an OS. If only software devs would develop for FreeBSD or Linux...and maybe M$ could hire CS students that still see the value in programming in a language like C.
  3. Anyone with experience setting up Bochs? I'm new to it, want to set it up for old Windows versions. I'm struggling to get .iso files to read. Main reason for using it, is because it's lightweight compared to VirtualBox or VMWare and emulates old hardware.
  4. Greetings

    Hi all. Just another user annoyed with Windows, wishing for things to be simpler again.