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  1. Roytam1, I really appreciate what you are doing. Moonchild is just plain wrong. Security is the main reason I stay with XP. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don't know - especially when a computer is auto-updating. Of course, upgrade also brings the problem of having to throw away dozens of really-neat applications produced these last two decades which just don't work reliably under the permissions schema of Win 7+. A permissions schema which, although it may make IT managers feel more important (they are super-users, you know), did not stop 'Wannacry.' Everything on my phone is stored and data-based by third parties, I really don't want that sneaky trend to spread to every keystroke I hit... Please keep up your great work on Basilisk (etc) and Pale Moon. I use both, concurrently. Basilisk supports more esoteric webpages, but gobbles memory more quickly than PaleMoon. Basilisk easily reaches the 2GB limit (yes, I know that Win7 doesn't care so much about the bloat)...
  2. Roytam, I had to quickly scrap using Serpent 2018.04.07 (32 bit) as the first media I played, from this twitter plays with the audio running at a slow speed. It should be a female voice.
  3. Kitaro1: I am able to install "Serpent 2018.04.07 (32-bit)" but not the two-days ago version, which just freezes, and which I have to force close. Both are running on the same profile data, although I have ZIPped and restored all profile files before replacing each browser Roytam1, thanks for educating me about Ubo - it works fine. I will try to use the just-posted Serpent and report my thoughts...
  4. I made ZIPs of my Basilisk and Basilisk Profile directories before launching Serpent. Serpent did start OK (Win XP 3 in 4MByte) but accepted all my add-ons except 'uBlock Origin'. Which was strange, IMO. Certainly, Serpent paid no attention to any of my settings, and I had to restore the backup from the ZIPs when I decided to go back to the 10 March Basilisk55, at least until I solve the plugin problem. That version has been working very well for me. Thanks to Roytam1 for having gotten us out of a deep hole with all his work on Basilisk and Pale Moon. I have several laptops here with Windows 7 on them, and I swear every time Win7 makes me jump through hoops to do something which is simple with XP...
  5. Has anybody managed to find a "uBlock Origin" which will work with these new "Serpent" builds? It seems to take my other plugins, but not this most important one
  6. It plays fine here with Basilisk 2018.03.06 But I have to press the "play" arrow twice to start the twitter videos (not a problem).
  7. Yea! Thank goodness that bug is fixed for both PaleMoon and Basilisk! Thanks Tolyasho and vasevase And thanks to Roytam for all the wonderful software you have shared with us!
  8. I am using the version roytam1 posted (above) a few days ago, http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk-55.0.0a1.win32-git-20171111-5201659a8-xpmod.7z Three of the files in it were updated on 13th to fix a bug with file selection. Everything I needed to install was in that archive. There is a diff of source patches there as well, I think
  9. Roytam1, I have been running the Nov 13th Basilisk Nightly extensively on WinXP x86 SP3. Has been in constant use and I have not seen any problems, except the typical firefox tendency to gradually use more memory as the hours go by. It has been my primary browser for several days. Incredible! Thanks for all you have done for this community b
  10. That works for me! Three files changed; XUL.DLL, MOZGLUE.DLL and BASILISK.EXE. I put them into the current directory and everything seems to be working just fine! Will report back once I have exercised it more. Thanks again
  11. Roytam, I am a newcomer here, and not too familiar with how your files are organized. I checked the gpc 'files1.rt' directory but could only find the RestoreXP Diff file. I don't have the ability to compile the source. Is there a win32 binary for the restored basilisk available yet? Thanks for all you are doing.
  12. That is correct, the folder/file chooser dialog is not displaying, and it appears an exit error code is being generated, which is being ignored (no error messages displayed). I don't understand how the Basilisk code is organized, however, so I can't drill down more than to say the problem is global, I have never seen it generate a file/folder chooser dialog during attempts at read or write.
  13. I spoke too soon (above). I did create logins.json successfully, and eventually got my bookmarks and history working OK with Basilisk, but there is an overriding problem which made things tough. Whenever the browser tries to open an explorer menu it fails, and nothing happens. This is even noticeable from a RUN "basilisk -P" command, where the profile editor to "Create Profile" displays a button for "Choose Folder" that button does nothing, and the new profile is opened in the default location. Similarly, when one opens the "Show all Bookmarks" panel, "Import and Backup", then selecting any of the import or export items from the list does not result in a folder opening, and therefore no import or export occurring. This gave me a few headaches... When I initiate a download the download is OK as long as I accept the default download location. When I set options to "always ask" for the download path, no explorer menu is opened, and the download fails without an error message. OS is Windows XP SP3, this problem does not exist with any other software (I have 452 folders in my "Program Files" directory, this is a daily-use development machine). Palemoon 26.5.0, Firefox 52, Chrome 49.0.2623.112 and Chromium 49.0.2623.112 all have no similar problems Do you have any suggestions?
  14. Installed the archive above (Nightly 2017.11.12 (32-bit)) on XP Pro. It didn't interfere with the several versions of PaleMoon and Firefox I have scattered over my disks, and it ran perfectly with full video capabilities. Am now customizing it with my customary add-ons, and moving across my Palemoon passwords and history. Thank you for the great work you have done! Suggestion: for XP you might default about:config "network.http.spdy.enforce-tls-profile" to "false" since XP typically does not have the capability to enforce the "true" security (AFAIK).