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  1. Can confirm that the parameter also works in Edge Chromium:
  2. Oh crud! What a mess... And also showed up this error. (I took the shot on my phone because the ghosting wasn't too visible on a screenshot) EDIT: I managed to fix the problem by completely restarting AeroGlass using AeroGlass launcher.
  3. I forgot but will do. Good thing the new DWMGlass.dll doesn't interfere with fluent design anymore
  4. Too many watermarks overlayed and sometimes right-click context menus do not appear
  5. I did some further testing and I saw that changing BlurDeviation literally changes EVERYTHING. Its even linked to fluent design's gaussian blur. No wonder I don't get exact blur radius of aeroglass and fluent design (fluent design's Acrylic Blur has 30px gaussian blur radius).
  6. I also did the same thing! (with the taskbar) But in start10 you can't change blur radius. EDIT: start10 blur radius is linked to BlurDeviation so it matches with AeroGlass' blur radius but there is this thing that blur in the taskbar is little removed if the window touches the bottom part of the screen.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9i417hk2rnapd75/Acrylic+Blur+1920x1080.rar Here. Set it as a custom reflection image.
  8. Is it possible to make a Fluent Design Acryllic blur based theme for Aero Glass on desktop apps? Like applying the noise texture on top of the gaussian aero blur. EDIT: I managed to make the theme by grabbing the tiled noise texture and exclusion blend layer from Microsoft's fluent design toolkit. Replaced the Aero Glass normal reflections with my theme and it works! Seems the Acryllic blur has more radius than the Aeroglass GUI's max.

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