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  1. Well I did all the above after I did all the last 4 listed in the catalog for office 2007 (not all worked) Upon checking the above list, I only had 4 of the 10 mentioned not already installed yesterday and the day before yesterday, nevertheless thanks for the idea of applying the word-viewer patches Before that, I already manually did all the pos2009 ones (just forgot one .NET 2.0 = KB4014580 and those are slow, it is doing it now...lets see) and at least the yellow shield pops up again...only one pos2009 update found =KB4025218 So my dear friends that advised me here, your knowledge combined with some logical thinking and tears, cursing, moments of despair, but nevertheless hope, I managed to get it working again like it should. I should maybe turn the machine on more often than once every half year . Again thanks, I guess your posts and comments have mainly prevented me from giving up (and sticking with the bandage solution ) restarting now...... compiling the .NET stuff (mscorsvw.exe @95%-100%)..... ...................................not yet d***......................... Fixed.
  2. Got it just after reading the first 20 pages, I skipped to the end, it was late.. I will update when tried all again
  3. Thanks for the hint, that is the only thing I did not try yet, I will give it a shot, I will search for the latest roll-up of office and add the latest security updates, lets see if that works.. I do have office 2003 with (or without, not sure, forgot about that ) compatibility pack. Maybe I can post the links to the updates in this thread (if my kids give me the time to search for them at all ) I'll update later.. Update, I have searched and I found one security update for office 2003 from 9.6.2017 : http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/06/gdiplus_a89457204c16b37d2c9f306ea469ec783151a102.cab But when I search for updates for compatibility pack I get only updates for office 2007, should I use these although I have 2003 with compatibility pack? should I use them all since feb 2017 or just the latest few? any suggestions? forget it, I found it. I checked the "currently installed programs and updates: the last 5 updates I have are at 21.2.2017 and these are for office 2007 suites and office 2007 compatibility pack service pack 3 KB3128024 KB2597974 KB3118301 KB3128022 KB3128020 So I will need for the compatibility pack SP3: KB3178677 KB3178682 KB3191830 KB3191835 KB3203438 KB3127894 KB3191897 KB3213644 KB4011064 And for office suite 2007: just the last 4 of 13.9.2017 (I believe)
  4. Hi everyone, Very shortly, an expression of my amazement for the work a lot of you guys have done with XP and this forum, Kudos for that. But the reason for me arriving on this forum, is a little irritation with one of my older laptops and the hope some of you smart guys knows a solution for. I believe this is the right topic to be in but if not, please send me in the right direction. The situation: Old Acer with a turion single core 2GHz 2GB RAM running XPhome, with register tweak to get the POS2009 updates. However... the updates got stuck, it is a very common problem but all solutions I found on the internet did not work. (svchost.exe running 100% on the tread to wuaueng.dll and not recovering, at least not yet after about 24 hours). I use Process Explorer to get the right thread. I observed this happening just after a substantial read of data like f.e. 35MB from disk. (before any read bytes from disk I/O it behaves normal). The reason this came to be (I think) is because I did not use the laptop since February when it updated the pos2009 updates still without problem. A few days ago I thought of getting the latest updates and since they did not come by themselves (automatic update was switched on though) I decided to use the MSwebsite to speed things up (yeah stupid thing to do). I have tried everything by now, that I could think of like all regular solutions with update to prevent this from happening again, I emptied the folder Prefetch and softwaredistributions, I downloaded all the (POS) updates from February till now manually and installed them one by one (so the system should be up to date). I downloaded the latest updater mentioned earlier here etc... But... every time when I switch on the automatic updates, after a while (this takes longer if I empty the folder "softwaredistributions" first) svchost.exe is stuck at 100% and the laptop is useless. (a lot of memory taken in the process as well, seems to get stuck at 225MB in use by svchost.exe and 200 by wuauclt.exe) By this time the folder softwaredistributions is again about 200MB big. It also does not matter what update system I use (first download and then ask or only notify me of updates or immediately installing). Of course the easy solution is just to switch automatic updates off and download them every month manually from the catalog, but that is not a fix, that is a bandage you have to replace every month. All my other XP-pro (POS2009) machines are working and updating without problems. So I am a bit lost here. Anyone a suggestion? edit typo