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  1. @Valentin Radu. Good post. I also agree with the reactions on your post. Share your knowledge, pictures and code. There are many out here that can do some of the work. You can mention that it is an unfinished product without user support. We do not expect a full end-user application. Obviously, you have already done a lot of work on DWM. Please share it because there is a serious interest and there are no serious alternatives, not now and not to be expected in the future either.
  2. Thanks for all the help. The program is great and works fine. Have some issues though. I have been testing but not sure what is going on. I have win 8.1. The glow effect works on some windows but not on all. For example, the explorer window does not show the glow effect. Also the inactive color is not switched correctly on all windows. Could that be because I do not (yet) have the debug symbols ?
  3. Thanks for your reply. It is clear. Only 1 question now. I will need several licenses. How do I find out which donation can get me how many licenses ?
  4. Hi there, I am new here and I am interested to test this on a windows 8.1 system. But I have some questions after reading the guide. Appreciate if someone could help me. 1) From the guide I understand that debug symbols are not needed anymore since the addresses are now hard-coded. But when I installed, the debug log still mentions missing debug symbols. Are these needed or not? 2) What is exactly the registration/donation procedure. When I make a donation (any donation ?) would I then receive the donation.key file or the information to request one? Will the 'copy to clipboard' of the machine code then disappear? Will the desktop message announcing the use of aeroglass then be removed? I would like to test on a temporary vm. But if the donation key file is machine dependent it would be lost when the temporary vm disappears. Is there temporary license available just to test (even for a short time)? Many thanks for helping me out and also many thanks to all who wrote/contributed to AeroGlass!

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