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  1. Copy (Sendbox Windows 11) > Paste (Desktop)
  2. Thanks, your method works. I also deleted the files along the path C:\Users\Alexey\AppData\Local\StartIsBack\Cache\ Plain8.msstyles.96.sibskin1 Plain8.msstyles.96.sibskin2 Plain10.msstyles.96.sibskin1 Plain10.msstyles.96.sibskin2 Windows 7.msstyles.96.sibskin1 Windows 7.msstyles.96.sibskin2 With your method, these files were no longer created
  3. I found solution. When installing the program, no files were created. There are not enough files, so the style does not display well. For some reason, after installing the program, no files are created C:\Users\Alexey\AppData\Local\StartIsBack\Cache
  4. I've never installed WindowBlinds and other style. I always used only Startisback, and at one point the program was updated. Now I have such a misfortune. Help please, how to fix it
  5. Hello. All styles are not applied, more precisely there is no transparency and I can not change color. I tried different versions of the program to install, cleaned the registry, does not help. Windows 10 x64 (1703) build 15063.502

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