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  1. hi guys, sorry for the noob questions, but i need some basic help. i installed a win98se vm in virtualbox , installed kernelex and tried to run sumatrapdf 2.1.1, but i just gave an error "libmupdf.dll" is linked to missing ntdll.dll http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Sumatra_PDF i tried the steps in the wiki and replaced the msvcrt.dll -> issue same. the wiki states too, to install KEXT, but i really dont know what to do. i've downloaded K452stub.7z , Core.ini, Ktree9.7z, iphlpapi4.7z and Kstub822.zip and put them in the kernelex folder, but i think it isnt enough. do i need to register these files or add some lines in some ini file? ktree9 is working, but i dont know what it tells me the wiki gave another info for the install version of sumatra: at first it states do the steps for the portable version "replace ntdll.dll" but my sumtra had no ntdll ?!? later it states "Drag and Drop the libmupdf.dll on the ImportPatcher.exe. Click no" there is no optione to click yes or no. the patcher opens with some checkboxes and the option to pacth, but no "no-option" then "Open the new ini file with the editor (NotePad) and paste 'ntdll.dll=9xdll.dll' under [DLL replacements] and save it" but i find the files see above??? could somebody help a vm noob? would be great to have sumatra and specially kernelex running! best regards
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