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  1. Just wanted to say I decided to install StartIsBack on my work laptop. A laptop where I don't fiddle around with registry fixes and what not. Right after I installed it though, the icon for Outlook in the start menu disappeared. Interesting how I have the same problem on a different laptop.
  2. I rebuilt it before and I did it now. And it doesn't work. Also, I don't think my computer needs regular cleaning and maintenance! I keep it clean and tidy myself without the use of tools like CCleaner. I don't even trust those tools. I keep plenty of space on my SATA HD, it's defragmented automatically regularly, the SDD seems to be ok (and not full), I have 16gb of RAM and if I install a virus or malware scanner every few months, it encounters less than 10 minor things. I forgot this is what that panel is supposed to, yeah. I've been using it to pin my own programs instead of letting it populate automically by whatever I open. But even so, the max number of recent programs there is set automatically to 10 bij StartIsBack. I never touch that option. I dó muck around in the registry, not with those tools but with registry edits. I wonder if it's any of these. I háve been using this same list on my previous laptop and StartIsBack also had one blank icon on that laptop after a install. It's also always a new icon I add after a certain amount. I guess I could re-enable all the edits (I also have the restore fixes for every single one), then see if the icon returns. If so, enable one and restart and repeat until I find one is causing it. But that would take tons of time.. I don't think after enabling the culprit regfix the blank icon will appear right away, because after installing a new program it retains it's original icon for at least a few hours or so.
  3. Sometimes after I add new software, the icon will disappear. Usually when I install new software, I take the automatically created desktop icon and pin it to start. After doing that, the icon disappears. When I move the icon back to the desktop, it will be blank there as well, from now on. Even though in the properties of the executable you can still see the original icon. Using that default icon from now on doesn't work, and I'm forced to download a different .ico file and use that. This has happened on lots of versions of StartIsBack, on lots of versions of Windows 10.
  4. As of today, the details pane bottom function is broken on my laptop. I guess it was set to hidden, to unhide I pressed Alt+shift+P and saw that it moved to it's W10 default position to the right. In OldNewExplorer it was still checked for bottom. I unchecked and checked the option, and reinstalled OldNewExplorer but none of it seems to work. The other styling options however dó work. Running Windows 10 Pro 1607, with Clover 3.3.4 for Explorer, which always worked fine with OldNewExplorer. I had a Clover update a week ago, but that worked fine so I don't think Clover has anything to do with it. Edit: it came back. I didn't do anything, the window was open the whole time while I was in Chrome typing this comment and googling around. After I switched back the details pane was at the bottom again.

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