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  1. Retried uninstalling, worked this time, guess something else went wrong the first time then.
  2. Well my idea was, and I don't really know what it does, that it might have replaced some files initially years ago when I installed it and kept a backup, and now if I uninstall it it restores this very old backup that might mess up windows because since then it replaced those files on its own with never files from an update it ran. So after uninstalling I end up with the wrong to old files than mess it up. But then if this doesn't do anything with the winload process its odd.
  3. Hey there, I have an old Version v1.1.7.1 of this installed in Windows 10, probably installed some updates over it, but not 1703 yet. I don't think I need this anymore so I tried to uninstall. The config.exe lists it as "installed" and allows for this, also the .dll files are in use, so I guess its still active. But after uninstalling I can't boot windows anymore, error with System32/winload.exe. Does this make sense? If yes how can I uninstall it safely?

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